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Election 2015 Poll Update (July 11)



Welcome to The True North Times’ Emoji-tracker election roundup. Every week, we’ll be taking the reliable and always trustworthy polling results from various firms and illustrating them in a way fit for the 21st century.

This week’s data comes from a report by Forum Research. As you can see, the NDP seems to be in a minority government toss up with the Conservatives.

In British Columbia, the NDP holds a comfortable margin of “excited face.” Despite Rachel Notley’s prophecy-breaking victory in Alberta, the Conservatives still hold a “smirk face” worthy position. Saskatchewan is mostly indifferent, but leaning Conservative. Manitoba is an area of celebration for the NDP, as they hold a slim lead over the traditionally Conservative province. You can tell because the emoji is sticking out its tongue…all naughty-like.

Ontario, the Liberal’s last hope only hands them a microscopic advantage over the other parties. They clearly deserve a distressed emoji.

Quebec numbers are interesting, putting the Conservatives in second place. The NDP is still the clear favourite, but our emoji friend looks scared. Either the pollsters sat on their keyboards, thereby distorting the numbers, or the Conservatives are actually ahead of Trudeau’s Liberals in la belle province.

Atlantic Canada, a Liberal stronghold since the dawn of time, faces a peculiar fate as well. The NDP have enough of a lead to warrant tears of laughter.

We hope this brief, albeit information-rich poll analysis has helped you understand the Canadian political landscape of the week. You can all return to Instagram now.

Oh, and the territories are left blank because pollsters don’t care.


NOTE: Polls are accurate within a margin of surprised emoji to vomit emoji