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With the Federal election just around the corner, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper could use all of the advice that he can get if he plans to keep his blue butt up on the hill. It also seems that- amidst senate scandals, controversial legislation, and big dirty pipes- the polls are showing that Good Ole’ Steve may be heaved in favour of an NDP government.

If Mr. Harper wishes to remain in power, maybe he should remember the sage words of wisdom given to him by former-senator and the biggest conservative groupie, Marjory LeBreton. Being involved with Conservative politics for almost six decades, this feisty old “Irish Girl” (to quote Dief the chief) has been an important member of the Conservative party since her days as a Volunteer in the 50s. But, perhaps the most pivotal moment in her career was when she was appointed to the Senate by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1993.

Senator Marjory LeBreton with Mulroney (Julie Oliver / Ottawa Citizen)

Third wheel for life.
The Ottawa Citizen

The relationship between the former Prime Minister and the former government leader of the Senate seems to be something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel. Mrs. LeBreton doesn’t monkey around when it comes to talking about her former colleague. She openly admits that he’s an “interesting, charismatic, complex person” and someone with “great big ideas” among other things. However, she also knows about his dark and brooding side that makes only the shiniest of vampires come to mind. In  her own words, LeBreton describes Mulroney as someone with a “needy side” and hunky “insecurities”.

However, their relationship wasn’t always so smooth. When Prime Minister Harper called an inquiry into the scandalous dealings between Mulroney and German arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber, things took a turn for the worse. According to Mrs. LeBreton, a “mutual colleague” informed her that Mulroney was having a temper tantrum because she didn’t tip him off of the inquiry. There’s no word whether he’s calmed down from this.

It appears that the once beautiful power couple of Mulroney and LeBreton has been severed beyond repair. Apparently, she wrote her dear Prime Minister a “nice letter” on the third anniversary of Mr. Harper’s inquiry. But sadly, dear readers, this torrid love story has no happy ending for that letter and, to this day, remains unacknowledged. LeBreton has learned that she can’t keep letting herself be tormented by Mr. Mulroney and his chiselled jaw, and has now moved on to bigger and better fish.


“Does my wittle Harpy have a tummy ache?”
The Star

After all of her experience on the campaign trail and parliament hill, when asked for advice by her new conservative hunk Mr. Harper in 2004, she had only the most inspirational and sage words of wisdom to give; “don’t let the [serial bitchers] get you down”. Truly these are words worthy of one of the most influential women in Canadian politics. On an end note, it has been confirmed that she will be stepping down as of July 3rd 2015. Seem like this Nicholas Sparks-worthy tale may finally be coming to an end.