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Saskatchewan Liberal candidate Ray Fox came under fire this week for a tasteless Facebook post featuring a battered white woman posing with her white husband and black child. In what could only be described as parliament-worthy penmanship, Fox wrote ““my sincere condolences to all the Tampa Bay Fans,,,,,,,,,,,I think I might know how your feeling…..”

The Conservative Party was quick to grab a screenshot and imbue it with some “Just Not Ready” branding. Although the graphic itself looked like it was composed in Microsoft Paint, it was a good catch by the Conservatives.

Immediately after, the Facebook post was pulled. Did we mention he won an award for his work with the Battlefords Domestic Violence Treatment Option Court? Cool little detail.

The Liberal Party’s official website has since removed Ray Fox’s candidate page. Does this mean Fox has been ousted? We would have to ask Justin “0% opacity” Trudeau.

The Liberals asked Canadians to be “part of the change” in the riding of Battlefords-Lloydminster. It seems like they’re doing just fine on their own.



Conservative Party attack ad.