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Are you sick and tired of all these people talking about Canadian politics? Well, they’re about to get a whole lot less boring thanks to current Liberal candidate for Vaudreuil-Soulanges Peter Schiefke.

Schiefke’s biography on the Liberal Party’s website states that, from a young age, Peter had a keen interest in “humanitarian, environmental, and social causes.” They forgot to mention that his true passion was early 2000s pop music. The page conveniently neglects anything before the year 2003 because, prior to that, Peter Schiefke was a member of the Quebecois boy band INMOTION. The band was formed in 1998 and welcomed Schiefke as their 5th member in September 2000. On his INMOTION biography page the then 23 year old heartthrob Schiefke listed his favourite hobby as snowblading, noted that U2 and Usher were amongst his musical inspirations, and finished the post by signing off as “Peter XXX.” With this background, it’s clear that Peter Schiefke is perfectly in sync with frontman J.T. and the rest of Team Trudeau.


Peter XXX now.
VIVA média


In case Canadian voters haven’t had enough yet, a few of the group’s performances can be found on their Youtube channel, including a performance of their hit-single “Sauve-moi” on Radio Canada program La Fureur.

Another of their music videos is “Ou Quand Comment” [“Where When and How” in English], aptly named because how and when did the once natural governing party of Canada turn into this much of a joke? And where do the Liberals find these people? It might also be a great promotional video for Schiefke, who is shown passionately kissing a bikini clad young woman while showing off his guns, wearing what was apparently a hip sleeveless hoody.



Fast-forward a little over a decade. Schiefke has traded his INMOTION band mates Christopher Godard, Kashif Khan, Ghizlain Brazeau, and Kevin Polynice for a spot next to Trudeau.


Schiefke’s backup plan if he isn’t elected? Fill the void left in One Direction caused by Zayn Malik’s departure
Inmotion: Le Site Web Officiel


Schiefke has signed for Justin Trudeau and his NSYNC-like team who are trying to spread the word to Canadians that they “can’t take no more” and that it is time to see Stephen Harper and the Conservatives “out that door.” They really don’t want to make it tough, they just want to let Canadians know that they’ve had enough of Stephen Harper, and that life would be so much better once he’s gone. Trudeau’s message is clear: he isn’t like the other leaders and he’s here to let us know that, when Canadians “finally get to love” a candidate, “guess what… it’s gonna be me”.

Voters may have fallen for the Liberal metamorphosis, but with these kinds of development, the likely reply may be that we “don’t want to be a fool for you” Justin. If the Liberals keep adding to their ridiculous record, they can kiss their hopes of forming a government in 2015 “Bye Bye Bye.” Liberal supporters may hate, “but it ain’t no lie.”

People have to realise that hilarious Liberal gaffes are not a trend; they have the gift of stupidity and they’re going to bring it ‘till the end. Come on! At this rate, the Liberals will be asking Justin Bieber to join the team, especially given that he and Justin Trudeau share a first name and the title of best hair in the country.

After the disaster that was the last election, the young fresh-faced Liberals of Team Trudeau are back like the Backstreet Boys before them. They have a question for Canadians that we better answer now: are they original? Yeeaaahhhh. Are they the only ones to have an ex-pop star running? Yeaaahhh–if only because the Prime Minister is still a music star. And with the irresistible face of Justin Trudeau, you know that they are Sexual. Alright!

Whatever happens, the 2015 Canadian Federal Election is going to be amazing, that “I promise you.”