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Canadian stoners can breathe easy knowing the the Supreme Court of Canada just overturned Section 4 and 5 of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, thus making medical marijuana legal in all forms. So yes, they can actually breathe easy. With access to oils, edibles, and other marijuana-infused delights, Canadians no longer have to inhale harsh smoke to cure their glaucoma. This is a huge win for people using medical pot, and a(nother) huge loss for the federal government.

As predictable as the sun rising on the Mike Duffy trial each morning, the federal government loses another Supreme Court challenge. These guys are like the Golden State Warriors… in 2001. Adding insult to injury, the ruling was unanimous. Not a single judge thought it just to force a patient to smoke marijuana.

That's right Antawn, they lost again.

That’s right Antawn, they lost again.

Before the ruling, Canadians using medical marijuana had no choice other than to smoke their bud in dried form. Users caught brewing marijuana tea, baking marijuana brownies, or carrying marijuana oils were vulnerable to possession and trafficking charges. It was sort of like telling your sick friend that he can eat peanut butter if it makes him feel better, but that he can expect jail time if he spreads it on toast. Frankly, that just seems stupid.

The good news is that medical marijuana is healthier now—isn’t that supposed to be the purpose of medical treatment? It hardly makes sense to force a sick person to smoke. Forced smoking isn’t justifiable.

No one is forcing this guy.

Now, no one is forcing this guy! 
The Vancouver Sun

Along those lines, it’s hard to imagine how this federal government continues to justify its Supreme Court challenges. Employing this government’s beloved politics as a team sport metaphor, the team needs to look at its foundation. It has lost too many games to compete for the championship, so it needs to turn its attention to the draft, the next season, and the years ahead. Crashing and burning is fun to watch, but it isn’t going to fix our country. It’s also unnecessary. After this ruling, there is no need to burn anything.