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The former leader of the Bloc Quebecois is expected to jump back into federal politics in time for October’s election. Duceppe, as Quebec’s angry grandpa during leader’s debate, is often called a astute, cunning politician.

What caused the BQ’s very own Michael Ignatieff to return after a crushing defeat in 2011? The Bloc is on its last legs, and the current leader likes to reference FLQ slogans.

It’s unclear whether Duceppe will fight for Mario Beaulieu’s post as leader. The Bloc’s only returning MP, Louis Plamondon told reporters his party is planning a comeback. The Orange Crush of 2011 was a mere “blip” in Quebec history.

Sovereignty is still on the table. Just ask Pauline Ma– oh, wait.

The Bloc Quebecois is currently projected to win 1 seat if a federal election were held today.

  • wiser

    The US have Cheech & Chong….Quebec has Duceppe & PKP