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Mr. Potato Head’s Homophobic Uncle Named Interim Leader
PC Alberta


Alberta is widely known as Canada’s most resource-rich province and its most prevalent resource is political comedy. Like the tar pits of Fort McMurray, Alberta politics are a seemingly bottomless pit of disgusting material that power this country’s essential industries (in this case, its satirical news).

The month that saw Canada’s Texas now ruled by socialists, in what undoubtedly coincided with the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers being called out of retirement to play for Hell’s new hockey team, just keeps getting better. Alberta’s currently reeling former governing party, the Progressive Conservatives, have named long time politician Ric McIver as their interim leader. Given that his resume includes spending a decade on the Calgary City Council and having held multiple Cabinet positions as an MLA, the choice seems obvious, but it doesn’t take into account his notorious affiliation with a Westboro Baptist Church-level controversial religious group, Street Church.

Street Church was founded in 2002 by McIver’s friend, preacher Art Pawlowski. McIver came under fire last year from his own party for walking in and cutting the ribbon for Street Church’s Jesus March last year, given the group’s bigoted assertions that gays are Satan-serving perverts who brought about God’s wrath in the form of the 2013 floods that struck Alberta.

Street Church spews grade-A religious lunacy while taking to the streets to protest, among other things, “the hundred thousand or so murdered children in abortion camps all over Canada a year.” The group’s crusade against “homosexuals, abortionists or Muslims” now has an ally in the PC leader. (That’s Progressive Conservative not politically correct; they sure as hell don’t want to align with political correctness.) This is a big step forward for them after their great disappointment with the last PC leader, Jim Prentice, who showed “no moral backbone” in helping pass “ungodly laws” like Bill 10 which allowed “homosexual activists and educators to indoctrinate” good Christian children.


“McIver makes me look smart.”
Edmonton Sun


McIver’s participation in the event prompted then President of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta to issue a statement saying, “Closed mindedness and intolerance have no place in the PCAA.”  The condemnation of McIver may have been misplaced since he is so tolerant that he tolerates even the blatantly bigoted and intolerant.

McIver’s statement after the kerfuffle last year did say that he intends to defend equal rights for all Albertans, but he showed off his signature stupidity when he stated that he would continue to attend events like those hosted by Street Church, “celebrating the diversity of Alberta.” Yes, the same pro-diversity Street Church group that, in March, issued a furious statement directed at Calgary’s mayor Naheed Nenshi after he attended and spoke at the 8th Annual Multi-faith Celebration of the Birth of the Prophet Mohammed, referred to by the pro-diversity Street Churchers as “a murderer, paedophile and a hater.”  Haters gonna hate, but affiliation with Street Church is not something McIver can be allowed to shake off.


Ric McIver: A Bigot and a Walrus
Beacon News


After distancing themselves from McIver a year ago, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party have now taken the Karl Rove approach to right wing politics. They have embraced the wonderful wing nuts of the right and discarded the progressive part of Progressive Conservative the way an oil company executive discards an environmental report.