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In a development everyone dreaded but took none by surprise, billionaire Pierre Karl Peladeau was officially made leader of the separatist Parti Quebecois.



Release the Kraken.


Since joining the righteous cause of Québec liberation from the clutches of Canadian transfer payments, cooperative federalism, and relative stability, Peladeau has been front and centre in provincial politics. When he first announced his candidacy during the 2014 provincial elections, he famously called for Quebec sovereignty in an unscripted moment that took PQ leader Pauline Marois off guard. He then proceeded to raise his fist in the air to be cool or something.

He has undoubtedly garnered significant attention to the PQ leadership race, but for all the wrong reasons. By winning over 57% of the vote on the first ballot, PKP seems to have more support than the second best candidate– an empty chair.

In his victory speech Peladeau declared this momentous occasion as “the final step in making Quebec a free country.” Because Quebec isn’t free. His coronation brings back the question of his stake in Québecor. It is clearer than ever that PKP will need to put his shares in a blind trust. Still, we all know how his previous talks of a blind trust went.

There are no explicit rules that an opposition leader absolutely must put their shares in a blind trust.

Let the games begin.