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Every year, Canadian journalists and political figures gather in the annual press gallery dinner. Think of it as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but with more subsidies and lower production value.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party and Macleans’ “Best Orator” in the 2014 Parliamentarian of the Year issue appeared to go on a alcohol-filled, profanity laced rant.

Instead of the usual self-deprecating, good natured comedy the party leaders partake in, May opted to denounce the Conservative government. Because she never gets the chance, y’know? According to attendees, May’s speech went off script and over time quickly. No, she did not yell at an empty chair like Clint Eastwood, but she did let everyone know how she thought Omar Khadr has “more class than the whole fucking cabinet.” There was no bleep or anything! A politician actually swore!

Other valuable insights from May included “Who knew Khadr is spelled K-H-A-D-R.”

During the whole debacle, the audience seemed to be cringing on a level not seen since Stephen Harper sang to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 6.46.20 PM

The background music didn’t help. What the hell was that– some intern’s Spotify playlist?

Journalist Paul MacLeod made a quick mention that “she also talked about her fake hip and the oral and anal stages of psychosexual development. I am somehow not joking.”

We wish we were joking, too.

The Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt, tried to stay true to her position and get May the hell off stage before things got worse. It may have been a little too late. A full video is yet to be released, but we’re sure it’s fine and dandy.

In the words of Minister Raitt: Thank you Elizabeth, you have delighted us long enough.

  • Muh Dik

    shameful behavior. utterly disgraceful.

    omar khadr is a terrorist.

    • R “IM928Sharkey” Guss

      Your troll handle says everything… ignorance is bliss, dick!

      • Muh Dik

        …so youre pro disgraceful behavior and pro terrorist?

        i dont even know you and im embarrassed for you.

        • popsiq

          Put me down for that disgraceful behaviour, It’s too bad she had to be drinking.
          And Lisa Raitt to drag her off stage ….. that’s ‘class’? Big Johnny in drag.

    • AnnieOK

      Stop buying Harper’s lies. Omar Khadr is not a terrorist! Bush was a terrorist. Netenhayu is a terrorist. Bin Laden was a terrorist. Khadr senior was a terrorist. Omar Khadr was a terrified child trapped by a crazy family in horrifying circumstances. What would you have done, trapped in a house that was being bombed, chunks of building falling on you, shrapnel flying around, and soldiers trying to kill you? Tell me you wouldn’t do anything to stay alive. The American soldiers killed or wounded that day volunteered for war, and could expect to be killed or wounded. Khadr was sent to hell by his deranged parents at the age of ten. He was still a child when he was shot twice in the back, then–as a 15-year-old–was tortured and imprisoned without habeas corpus, without due process of law. Everything about how he was treated was wrong and shameful, verging on criminal. He has already paid too high a price for the accident of being born to the wrong people at the wrong time. Even reading the neutral Wikipedia article on Omar Khadr, decent people would shake with rage at the injustice done to him.

      • Muh Dik


        Christopher Speer, the U.S. Army combat medic killed by Khadr and Layne Morris whom lost sight in one eye after shrapnel from that same grenade tossed by OMAR KHADR severed his optic nerve.


        what is wrong with you terrorist sympathizers?

        • LaszloZoltan

          he was a kid who followed his parents and religious leaders as they taught him- like any good boy would and unlike many teenagers here who are disrespectful to their parents and others, use drugs and commit all kinds of crimes

          • XTOFINOOIC

            He and they (parents) took up arms against their country of citizenship (Canada) He by definition is a traitor. What justice he received or did not receive from the USA against crimes against the USA The fairness or unfairness of that treatment has nothing to do with his crime of high treason against Her Majesty in right of Canada. He needs to answer for those acts of high treason. Not get bankrolled for $20,000,000 by the country that went out of it’s way to provide a safe and peaceful home for his family and himself. Only to have them take up arms against our nation and our soldiers!

          • Mikronos

            He didn’t ‘take up arms against Canada’ you silly sack. He was in Guantanamo, detained without charge, when Canada decided it needed to ‘pitch in’. He was still there when Canada decided to ‘pitch out’.

          • FXR

            So if you parents taught you to kill others who don’t share their prejudices and religious beliefs, you would be a good kid, only if you followed their direction?

            “Garbage in Garbage” out has a cult following?

          • Mikronos

            Is that any worse than training your kids to kill somebody because of politics, or for money?

          • Mikronos

            And then join up, go east and ‘redeem’ themselves killing the ‘enemy’.

        • AnnieOK

          You seem to be long on propaganda and short on facts. Speer was a soldier in a war zone, and apparently acting as a soldier not a medic. Part of volunteering to go to war is that you should know, beforehand, that you might die, or be gravely wounded. Speer wasn’t wearing his helmet for some reason, which defies reason. Omar did not volunteer. He had a murderous father who placed him in mortal danger at an insanely young age, which is why people like General Romeo Dallaire have said that Omar Khadr was a child soldier, and we should have done everything we could to rescue and rehabilitate him. Instead, we stood by while the U. S. broke international law (you’ve heard of the Geneva Convention?) Harper has to do with it because he insists on calling Omar a terrorist, as you do. Hey, read the Wikipedia article on Omar Khadr–it’s much more “objective” than me. I don’t support terrorism, but neither do I support injustice done to serve narrow political interests. Injustice has been done to Omar by many, many people when he was still a child. It’s time to stop scapegoating him, and let him finally live his life. BTW: Khadr lost the sight of an eye, too, because he was denied medical treatment. He was a child . . . Not a soldier.

          • keith

            Geneva convention only applies to soldiers in uniform. These asshole hide behind women’s skirts. This moron should have never seen the light of day again.

          • AnnieOK

            From Cornell University Law School website:

            Geneva Conventions

            The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting. The first Convention was initiated by the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded (which became the International Committee for the Red Cross and Red Crescent). This convention produced a treaty designed to protect wounded and sick soldiers during wartime. The Swiss Government agreed to hold the Conventions in Geneva, and a few years later, a similar agreement to protect shipwrecked soldiers was produced. In 1949, after World War II, two new Conventions were added to the original two, and all four were ratified by a number of countries. The 1949 versions of the Conventions, along with two additional Protocols, are in force today.

            Convention I This Convention protects wounded and infirm soldiers and medical personnel against attack, execution without judgment, torture, and assaults upon personal dignity (Article 3). It also grants them the right to proper medical treatment and care.

            Convention II This agreement extended the protections mentioned in the first Convention to shipwrecked soldiers and other naval forces, including special protections afforded to hospital ships.

            Convention III One of the treaties created during the 1949 Convention, this defined what a Prisoner of War was, and accorded them proper and humane treatment as specified by the first Convention. Specifically, it required POWs to give only their name, rank, and serial number to their captors. Nations party to the Convention may not use torture to extract information from POWs.

            Convention IV Under this Convention, civilians are afforded the protections from inhumane treatment and attack afforded in the first Convention to sick and wounded soldiers. Furthermore, additional regulations regarding the treatment of civilians were introduced. Specifically, it prohibits attacks on civilian hospitals, medical transports, etc. It also specifies the right of internees, and those who commit acts of sabotage. Finally, it discusses how occupiers are to treat an occupied populace.

            Protocol I In this additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, the signing Nations agreed to further restrictions on the treatment of “protected persons” according to the original Conventions. Furthermore, clarification of the terms used in the Conventions was introduced. Finally, new rules regarding the treatment of the deceased, cultural artifacts, and dangerous targets (such as dams and nuclear installations) were produced.

            Protocol II In this Protocol, the fundamentals of “humane treatment” were further clarified. Additionally, the rights of interned persons were specifically enumerated, providing protections for those charged with crimes during wartime. It also identified new protections and rights of civilian populations.

            The United States has ratified the four Conventions of 1949, but has not ratified the two additional Protocols of 1977.Disputes arising under the Conventions or the Protocols additional to them are settled by courts of the member nations (Article 49 of Convention I) or by international tribunals.The International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent has a special role given by the Geneva Conventions, whereby it handles, and is granted access to, the wounded, sick, and POWs.

            Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field, of 12 August 1949Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea, of 12 August 1949Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, of 12 August 1949Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, of 12 August 1949Protocols of 1977Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, of 8 June 1977Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of Non-International Armed Conflicts, of 8 June 1977Web ResourcesReference Guide to the Geneva Conventions Society of Professional JournalistsInternational Humanitarian Law International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent SocietiesInternational Red Cross and Red CrescentList of Nations Ratifying or are Otherwise Party to the Geneva Conventions and/or ProtocolsGeneva articleGeneva Conventions(Council on Foreign Relations Roundtable)Other TopicsCategory: International, Transnational, and Comparative LawCategory: Individual Rights


            wex articl

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            cut and paste from a website that doesn’t actually explain the facts is not helpful. The LOAC (NOT called the Geneva conventions except in the media) states clearlly the Kadre is NOT a child soldier, partisan or any other sort of lawfull combatant. That means he’s nothing but a violent criminal. Spare us all the propaganda and learn some facts. Trya talking to a real soldier someday.

          • AnnieOK

            Not so. The Geneva Convention of 1949 is a treaty ratified by some 196 countries that added new and very important (especially to this discussion) rules about the treatment of civilians in war zones, which supplemented three earlier treaties regarding the treatment of combatants. LOAC apparently refers to the whole history of thinking about the laws of armed combat since at least Deuteronomy. Thank you for introducing me to the term, though. I was sufficiently interested to look it up. Now, I hope you and your supporters will do the same and look up the Geneva Convention of 1949, although if you’re familiar with “LOAC” I suspect you know very well and simply introduced a red herring into the argument.

          • FXR

            A combatant out of uniform is not an innocent civilian and enjoys no protections by any of the conventions. he committed murder and he above most of us by first hand experience, knew what killing meant. He made a choice willingly and knowingly to kill and for that he deserves to be punished. Not coddled to secure political ground. If you add to the credibility of what he believes, you support those who chop off the heads of their detainees, or blow themselves up in crowded areas filled with real civilians.

            The same people who cry about Kadir’s rights, absolutely refuse to make suicide bombing a crime against humanity and ignore everyone Else’s right to live in peace and security. The one simple and effective way you could distance these vermin, from any claims of religious activity. Being Muslim does not necessitate evil acts, the legitimate religion teaches peace, generosity and caring for all of those around us. If you want to blame someone, blame the UN, for prolonging the existence of these criminal organizations. Terrorism has one goal to frighten others into compliance. Every time someone’s child is being pawed over at an airport by a stranger. The terrorists claim another victory. “Take me to Cuba” ended, when we all stood as one and said no.

          • Hey, I talk to my good pal Grapes. He is way more informed than a “real” soldier, who is just some high-school drop-out who enlisted cause he couldn’t find any other work.
            But as Grapes says, them soldiers PROTECT us! If it weren’t for them, The Afgan terrerists and their pals the godless commies, would be at Ottawa’s gates and we’d all have to be wearing chadores! Well, hopefully just the women would. And instead of NHL honckey, the guys would have to ride around on horseback, throwing a dead goat around!
            As Grapes says though, your either with our soldiers or your with the terreists!

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            Blah Blah Blah Blah. The Geneva Convention does not apply to terrorists.
            Terrorists deserve no quarter on a battlefield.

          • AnnieOK

            Duffy, you’re a very silly person. The rule of law should always apply, even, or especially, at GTMO, which is not a battlefield.
            And why are you hyperfocused on the actons of a child, who has not been proven to be a terrorist anyway? (See intelligent, thoughtful popsiq’s comments below,) He is not really your enemy, especially not now that he’s grown up and has had time to reflect on his horrifying experiences.
            Think about the state terrorists who launched an illegal war in Iraq, for example, destabilizing the whole region with little thought of how to restore civil society. Iraqis say they are now infinitely worse off than they were under Hussein.
            The Americans also sponsored “jihadi terrorists” (the mujahadeen) in Afghanistan in the late 70s, in an attempt to wrest control of that country from the Soviet Union. The people we’re now fighting were trained by those Americans!
            The U.S. also overthrew an elected government in Iran, reinstalling a cruel and much- reviled Shah, thus earning the hatred of the citizens of that country.
            The stage was set for this ISIS crisis by our own so-called allies!
            So it’s not blah blah a load of shit. It’s history we must learn and absorb or we ain’t gonna understand how we got into the shit in the first place, in which case we’re sure as hell never gonna get out of it, see?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            Blah Blah Blah. Sound like a broken record.

          • AnnieOK

            You sound like a sheep.

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            And you sound like a Liberal knowitall.

          • But how do I know if he’s a terrerist, and not some other sort of fighter? Should I just shoot first and ask questions later?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            “”””But how do I know if he’s a terrerist,”””” I take it you meant Terrorist?

            He would be the one laying the IED on the roadways for the convoys. He would be the one shooting at you, throwing grenades and yelling Allah Akbar as he comes at you.

            As for the Geneva Convention read it!!

            Any other dumb questions???

          • OMYGOD! And this “Omar” guy is now doing this in CANADA?? Why don’t they arrest him?
            How many people in Canada has he killed so far?
            It’s this damm Harper Liberal governmint we have! Terrorists like this should be locked up and thrown away the key!

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            Sounds like you need to be locked up in a nice little padded room.

          • Padded “room”? Sorry pal- my pads are put on before honckey games! And then the gloves usually come off later! You one of the sissy Swedish guys, Mr “Duffy”?

          • AnnieOK

            He’s pulling your leg, Duff.

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            I know that Annie. Nobody could really be that dumb on purpose.

          • No way! Honckey players like me and grapes don’t play dirty! No slashing at legs! We just look for the guy near the boards with his head down, and… WHAM!
            Course sometimes the gloves come off and the REAL Canadian honckey playin’ begins! Not like them sissy Swedes and commie Russians who are destroying our great game!
            I never played in the NHL like Grapes and Bobby Ore did. But I look up to Grapes, who maybe dint score too many goals during his several years as a enforcer defenceman in the NHL, but he was one of the best !

          • No use preaching to the trolls. And cut n paste don’t cut it with them either. They’re incapable of comprehending more than an eight-second sound bite.

          • AnnieOK

            I know, it just bothers me to let the ignorant comments (esp. the disturbing white supremacist screed) go unchallenged. You’re also right about the attention span—seems like some of these people care only to be informed by their bar buddies, judging by how they present spurious information as fact. It’s fascinating and kind of scary–I don’t encounter this level of ignorance or lack of concern about others in my workaday life. :-o

          • Ha! Only good thing that came out of Switzerland was the cuckoo clock. And some tasty cheese.
            Those guys can’t even play honckey!

          • AnnieOK

            Very droll, Clonquer. Nice to see that you’re at least an equal opportunity skewerer! Poke hard and then stand back to wait for a giant expulsion of fetid hot air, huh?

          • Well, my pal Grapes said to use that Cuckoo Clock quote with Green people. He ain’t too literate, but he did know this. He told me it’s by some guy named “Green” and his book “The third Man” – if the green fits May, maybe she should wear it and read it, or see the movie.

          • AnnieOK

            Ha! Your next moniker, should you need one, could be Tom Fulery!

          • AnnieOK

            I shouldn’t encourage you, but that was a great movie!
            Trying to decode “Grapes.” Too crude for Steinbeck. I’m guessing Mr. Cherry? (That magnificent buffoon of your honckey.)

          • “hide behind womens skirts”… “asshole”… “moron”….
            Yes, I see you have the military spirit there, lad. You would make a fine soldier!

          • FXR

            It is really rich to see a socialist party, passing themselves off as a Liberal party, crying about the Geneva convention. The party that single highhandedly eliminated personal and parental autonomy rights, free speech, property rights and security of the person, all in the name of paternalist protections that eliminated any lawful recognition of legitimacy in adult informed decisions, intelligence or trust.

            June 15th is the 800th anniversary of magna carta. Distinguish this so called Liberal party for all time. Demand they sign it again today.

            Of course that would be like asking them to promise to respect all of the principles and obligations they despise. The ones enshrined in all constitutional documents in a democracy. Something else they despise.

            It’s called Public Service, what we paid them to do for us, then they did it to us, with our own money.

          • popsiq

            US Special Forcces ‘medics’ carry a weapon and fight like any other member of the unit. ‘Medic’ may be their training ‘specialty’, like demolitions or languages, but they fight first and fix-up after. It’s as likely that Speers and the ‘medic’ were killed by grenades thrown by the section that entered the bombed compound behind them .

            None of the evidence against Khadr, including this video and its providence or translation was entered, or tested, as evidence at his hearing.

          • AnnieOK

            Thanks for the clarification about the role of medics, popsiq!
            And for raising the point about the lack of evidence. If there was compelling evidence, they wouldn’t have been afraid to try him in a properly constituted court of law, and wouldn’t have felt pressured to torture him to extract evidence they didn’t have.

          • FXR

            The reassuring proof of speculation. What ever makes you feel right will make anything right. The guy knew killing, and he chose to participate. He deserves to be punished and in time even he would agree.

          • Mikronos

            In a war situation its supposed to be good that both sides “know killing”, otherwise the one side that does is committing a war crime. Those were SF troopers not the Peace Corps – they were armed, and bombed, – killing Taliban and AQ.

          • Mikronos

            And you speculate on how I feel, or do you know that for a fact?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            More pure BS from a clueless one.

          • And don’t forget- fifteen year old Khadr was shot in the back also. But it must have been a stray bullet- no American soldier or policeman would ever do this, even in a foreign land.

          • AnnieOK

            Shot twice. And was denied medical attention, so lost the use of an eye–he was tortured instead, which is why I pasted the summary of the Geneva Conventions. He had to have surgery when he was returned to Canada because of an untreated infection in his shoulder, evidently.

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            Hardly denied medical attention, he’s alive fool.

          • AnnieOK

            Turn on your brain, soldier. Or sailor, perhaps, since you are in Saanich.

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            Spent over 30 years in the CF as a medic, and saw my share of nasty places, not to mention 3 roto’s in the Afghan dust. Oh, and fake sweetie, I am female, so enough with the nonsense.

          • AnnieOK

            Well, that partly explains the ferocity of your attacks on me. I have a lot of respect and sympathy for people in the armed forces. My father was enlisted in the armed forces (Royal Navy) when the world was at war, fighting Nazis and Fascists (the latter still abundantly in evidence on this page, at least in spirit).
            But no need to fake sweetie me. (Why?) Your being a woman in this argument is neither here nor there. l will respect you if you present rational arguments and treat with respect others who may disagree with you on matters of principle. Isn’t that the very freedom you went to war to defend? I can accept that *you* have every right to ge wrong, if you so choose. You could persuade me with the strength of your reason, rather than the bluntness of insults.

          • FXR

            He must have been horrified and deeply disappointed, seeing a relative fighting to legitimatize the same paternalist principles he fought to extinguish. Supported at home today, by people who only call themselves “Liberals” because it makes them look in the funny papers, to be far more than they are, or could ever be.

          • FXR

            Remember those words next time someone applies to serve out an American criminal conviction here. The Canadian courts allowed the sentence to be reduced. Destroying our credibility as a nation. Just watch and see how difficult it will be to make the same deal again. Of course that will be Harper’s fault as well.

            Wipe the drool off your chin, someone might mistake you for Liz May or Rob Ford. Oh I forgot there is a difference between the two [no need to Stalk old Liz or camp out on her lawn] isn’t there, in the media lingo, the soft “L” diversions.

            Liberal is always, just the first lie.

        • Evelyn Wreckage

          Somebody call this bum a WAAAmbulance. Has it never occurred to you that Omar Khadr was caught in the middle of a firefight in a time of war? So what, he killed a guy. All the Americans were killing people too. Were they Al Qaida? Maybe some were but that part is swept under the rug. Read the reports.

          Can you accuse somebody of murder who was being shot at while everyone around him was getting obliterated? In war, is it murder just because you’re not wearing a uniform? Apparently it is and that’s just stupid.

          Btw, Khadr lost sight in BOTH eyes, you moron. Fortunately one of them was restored. So an eye for an eye I guess??

          • Muh Dik

            so what he killed a guy?

            ARE YOU SERIOUS?

        • AnnieOK

          So I guess, by the same logic, you are a sadistic child abuser?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            And you are a Khadr apologist. Take off your rose coloured glasses.

          • Mikronos

            Somebody has to stick up for the underdog – otherwise the big dog always wins. It’s the right thing to do.

      • lolwut?
        • mypennyworth

          Yes, really. Tinted glasses need a new prescription.

        • Muh Dik

          AND THIS IS WHO BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS WANT WALKING CANADIAN STREETS. only when their own child or family member is killed will the terrorist appeasers/sympathizers care and want justice. only then.

          until then they’ll willfully bend over to islam and Islamic terrorists in our midst because lets sing KUMBAYA AND moar DIVERSITY!


        • AnnieOK
      • Oracle9

        Sounds like you’d be happier over there in Afghanistan.

      • keith

        I’m decent. Not shaking. . He is lucky to be alive. He is not reformed.

      • Val Cocora

        but of course.
        omar khadr is santa’s best friend.

      • T Duffy (No Relation)

        What a load of pure unadulterated shiiiiite.

        • AnnieOK

          And your scatalogical critique of my argument is supposed to show off your scintillating intelligence? Gwan! Get yourself an education.

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            Got an education had a great career and now retired with a nice pension. How about you. Welfare, mother’s allowance?????

          • AnnieOK

            I have a great career, thanks. I get to use my brain every day. You should dust off yours and exercise it once in a while.
            Did yougetpastgrade 8?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            I guess if you call selling AVON a great career. By the amount of nonsense you post on here you sure have a lot of free time.

          • AnnieOK

            Oh, huffy Duffy, now look what you’ve done! You’ve revealed yourself as just another sexist nincompoop who thinks he can bully women into silence.
            Well, you can huff, and you can puff, Duff, and you can just blow yourself . . . (Inutile piccolo succhiacazzi !)


        Whether he is or isn’t a murderer is a moot point. Under US law and their system he was found guilty, he has served a sentence for that. What is and remains relevant to Canadians is that he took up arms against his country, Canada, in a time of conflict. By definition he is guilty of high treason. He needs to be charged with that offense, and he needs to defend his position in a Canadian court of law,
        We definitely should NOT be paying this traitor a single cent of the $20,000,000 he is suing us
        For info re the Canadian Law as it stands regarding treason, see Bill C-46 Paragraphs 46 , and 47. His age at the time of the offense might be an issue although the law reads “Everyone who commits high treason is guilty…..” It makes no exception for age.

        • AnnieOK

          No, not under “U.S. LAW,” by a military tribunal, and he wasn’t “found guilty” he “confessed” under duress because he was likely to spend the next 40 years of his life unlawfully imprisoned by a system that had no interest in serving justice. It was a travesty of justice. I suspect that you and most of the people decrying Khadr’s release don’t actually care about the facts, or the rule of law, or any kind of natural justice. You’re basically deeply racist haters of non-white people who think differently from you. Your claim that he independently migrated to Pakistan and then Afghanistan to join jihadists at the age of 11 is risible!
          You say, “by definition he is guilty of high treason,” but that is not what our courts are finding, and legal experts in the U.S., even, say that his chances on appeal are rather good.

          • XTOFINOOIC

            AnnieOK. Found guilty! Ones confession does not mean that the court will find one guilty. Although they most often do go hand in hand. But whatever, it was another nations courtroom and another nations laws. The subj may confess but ONLY the judge or the judges in this case can find a person GUILTY.

            None of that addresses his treason to his own country for which he should answer for in his own country.

            The law is very clear, B-C46 paragraph 46 1) Every one commits high treason who, In Canada , b) levies war against Canada or does any preparatory thereto; or
            c)assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.
            3) a) commits high treason if, while in or out of Canada does anything mentioned in subsection (1)
            As nobody including Omar disputes that he was in Afghanistan to assist, & aid the Taliban it therefore by Canadian law quoted above means that he has committed high treason. This has NOTHING to do with the USA, Guantanamo etc. It has to do with Canadian law and the responsibilities that Canadian Citizens have towards their Country.
            I do dispute your statements calling me a racist. I do tend to be intolerant towards religious groups and people that are intolerant towards other people and religions.

        • AnnieOK

          Hi again XTOFINOOIC. I checked the Criminal Code as you suggested.Your last point may be a valid one. But we don’t treat minors under the law the same as adults!? We’ll have to wait and see how the best legal minds in the U.S. and Canada work it out in his appeal.

      • Hugh Jorgen

        Another bleeding heart liberal!

        • AnnieOK

          Another ad hominem attack because you have no credible argument.

          • FXR

            Liberal is always the first lie.

      • FXR

        Can he live in your basement then?

      • Mikronos

        Tell us, again, what did Khadr senior do as a terrorist? Other than get shot by Pakistani police, during as raid on his home?

        khadr’s younger Brother was shot and crippled in the same raid.

        It seems to me the ‘evidence’ against him is much the same as the ‘evidence’ against Khadr or any other terrorist listed above – somebody’s interpretations and ‘say-so’ – untested in a real court.

    • mypennyworth

      Can’t see past your Dik eh!. Talk of shortsightedness, my lord…

  • Badriya

    The song they were playing was “Welcome back Cotter”, which is pronounced similarly to Khadr. If Jeremy McFadden is going to write an article he should at least know what Ms. May was making allusion to.

    • gilgamesh2001

      Uh that’s Kotter. Remember John Travolta?

      • Badriya

        Thanks for the correction. I remember John Travolta, and the theme song by John Sebastian.

  • OdysseusCA

    Bad material combined with one too many drinkies I should think.

  • Hugh Jorgen

    What disgusting fecking whore!

  • koconor100

    Our government in action.

  • M J

    That who is Elizabeth May TRULY is …. a PIG. I have personally seen that behaviour at a recent speech. She has lost MY support, and that of many others that night.

    • Joe

      Like she ever had it to begin with. All you ever vote for is Harper.

  • don684

    What do you mean “possibly” drunk. The old bag was loaded.

    • WhiteRabbit3

      Could have been pharmaceuticals.

  • Peter Easton

    She told the truth. Maybe too blunt for some but hey as the old quote goes > “you can’t handle the truth”!

    • gilgamesh2001

      The truth is that Khadr is a murdering punk.

      • AnnieOK

        Actually, no Gilgamesh. The U.S. military “eyewitness” reports were conflicting, and that is a generous interpretation. Khadr only “confessed” after years of illegal imprisonment and torture, and on the advice of his lawyer who was sure that the military “injustice” system would see that he stayed in GITMO for 40 more years. The murdering punks are the trained soldiers who laughed as they shot up an innocent Iraqi family from a helicopter, or who bombed wedding parties in Afghanistan, or who dropped napalm on the citizens of Falluja/Vietnam/Laos. How about the CIA goons who threw Patrice Lumumba out of an airplane in Africa, or who engineered the coup in Chile, or who trained the death squads in El Salvador/Uruguay/Guatemala/Honduras, who invaded Panama/Vietnam/Grenada, who kept murderous tin-pot dictators in power in Haiti. Who authorize the use of drones as killing machines, or dropping warheads containing depleted uranium on civilian populations where they continue to cause birth deformities and death.Who manufacture landmines that continue to kill and maim children, years after soldiers have left, because they are made shiny and colourful to attract kids.
        And you say Khadr is a murdering punk!? Get some perspective.

        • Muh Dik

          perspective? why dont you go hang out in the isis controlled areas where khadr and his terrorist father committed this heinous crime and many others and we’ll see how quick youre beheaded and or gang raped. put your money where your mouth is and go live in any Islamic state.

          its easy to be pro khadr from the cozy comfort of a western democracy. all you have to be is an illogical progressive liberal dogooder idiot. let me guess you wear one of those pro palestine scarves and talk about oppression from the Starbucks over a $9 latte?


          • LaszloZoltan

            this is not a democracy, our government does not respect the constitution or our charter of rights and freedoms- it is a sham perpetuated by fools

          • AnnieOK

            End of civilized conversation, I guess. I think I agree with the first guy who replied to you. You don’t want discussion because you…you…you are…A TROLL!

          • Ken H

            That’s right, when nobody buys your argument – call them trolls.

          • LOL!
            OH! – You finally figured it out! I should have saved typing the 2 or 3 messages above.

          • mypennyworth

            Now who is calling the liberated and the informed, Lunatics ?
            Ever think what it would be like if your favourite war mongers with their war machines were to stop invading basket case countries and just simply not kill and maim thousands upon thousands.??

        • T Duffy (No Relation)


          • AnnieOK

            Yes, long ago. It was supposed to be privileged, but Cheney released it to the media.
            I repeat: Child soldiers are victims, not terrorists.
            Why are you using all caps, anyway. Do you always shout to make your point when reason abandons you?

          • T Duffy (No Relation)

            He is far from a victim. He was almost 16 years old, a man in his culture. Many of our young men fought in the trenches at 16 years of age. I was an Army Reservist at age 16 and knew full well what I was doing. ie: knowing right from wrong as most kids know at age 4 or 5. . I only shout when talking to people like YOU.

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            What part of NOT a child soldier are you failing to grasp? Try actually reading the relevant international laws.

          • AnnieOK

            Hi again, soldier. Lt.-General Romeo Dallaire may be someone we both respect,
            and you’ll be familiar with his role in raising awareness about child soldiers. In an article in The National Post in February 2015, he wrote and quotes the relevant international law:
            “The Paris Principles and Guidelines of 2007 outlines the definition and functions of a child soldier:
            “A child soldier is any person below 18 years of age who is or has been recruited or used by an armed force or armed group in any capacity, including but not limited to children, boys and girls, used as fighters, cooks, porters, messengers, spies or for sexual purposes. It does not only refer to a child who is taking direct part in hostilities.””
            Daillaire says that Khadr was a child soldier. Coincidentally, on Knowledge Network, starting in June, there will be a program featuring Dallaire called “Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children.” Named after his book…

            If you are familiar with other salient statutes or jurisprudence, name them and you can be sure I’ll look them up!

        • I suspect that because you have a woman’s “id”, these illiterate trolls are bent upon teasing you. No use arguing with them.

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            So, I suppose you will come up with some silly faux sexist nonsense to apply to me as well, simply because this female does not agree with such claptrap?

          • I say we should HANG this traitor!
            Too bad them Americans didn’t do it right away when they captured the little punk in Afganistan! Hey, what’s one more teenager? They shoot them alla time in the USA.

    • BC_4_ME

      It may have been the truth, she omitted one politician though, HERSELF, classless boor

  • HideReality

    Whites are going extinct. It’s not even conspiracy. They say the reasons are “unknown ” and that’s where the conspiracy begins. But make no doubt, Whites are indeed heading for extinction. Based on the raw data alone.

    The official reasons for implementing immigration and multiculturalism (given by our governments) is to “increase diversity”.

    Therefore ” lack of diversity ” means ” too many White people “.

    This means there is a calculated system designed to reduce the White population. This is genocide by definition.

    The fact that the media promotes race-mixing means that a group of people are paying money to reduce the White population. This is genocide by definition. The governments and media ENCOURAGE us to mix-races.

    The government imports immigrants instead of trying to raise our birth rates.

    By 2050 Whites will be minorities in Europe and North America. This isn’t conspiracy. It’s a fact.

    The current white birth rate around the world is about 1.6, which is too low to sustain a culture. The rate of replacement is 2.3, yet the government or media doesn’t even mention this or try to promote our birth rates. Instead they’re funding abortion and flooding us with free birth control and importing waves of immigrants to replace us.

    White birth rates are TOO low to survive. 1.6 is TOO LOW to avoid extinction.

    WHITES ARE going extinct. That is NOT a conspiracy.

    Please look into the matter yourself and don’t take my word for it.

    We’ve let the bankers take over. They have made puppets of our politicians and have set up a system of genocide.

    Nazism is their top threat and their top goal is to destroy it. The only way they can accomplish that is to destroy the white race. Nazi Ideology is based on race. To destroy an ideology you must destroy the people. They think any White person can potentially become a Nazi.

    Immigration is colonization.
    Population replacement.

    The bankers hold a global banking monopoly as well as media and press. Money is power and they print it. The bankers are a private group that funds government. They are above the government and hold the real power. Politicians are subservient to the bankers.

    White privilege

    The privilege of allowing tens of millions of non whites into your country and allowing them to whine and complain endlessly about ‘White racism”

    the privilege of often being targeted by these other groups for rape and other violent crimes.

    the privilege of having your own children brainwashed by the schools funded by your tax dollars, and told that your people are evil, and that they should be ashamed of themselves and their ancestors.

    the privilege of being systematically pushed down by Marxist affirmative action laws, in a supposed attempt to “level the playing field

    the privilege of becoming a dwindling minority in the nations founded and built by your ancestors.

    It is the privilege of being told that you must remain silent and accept your own genocide, because to do otherwise would mean you are a racist, and society has told us a racist is the worst kind of person, worse than even a rapist or thief.

    A Muslim rape gang raped and tortured and trafficked 1400 White British girls in the small town of Rotherham ,some victims as young as 11. They were targeted because they were white . Islam states that it is permissible for Muslim men to rape and enslave Non-Muslim women. The police refused to pursue the claims out of fear of being accused of racism. Investigations found that the police and politicians were covering it up. Some suspect Rotherham to be the tip of the iceberg of a national crisis with the real number of victims climbing into the millions. More investigations are currently underway and a number of police officials and city council members have been suspended or have resigned.

    The Western governments have been allowing the Islamification of the West.

    White Genocide.

    • AnnieOK

      If you represent “whites” maybe it’s time we went extinct, you dinosaur!

    • mypennyworth

      Wow! What a magnificent rant and evidently, the author must be a Brit missing the Colonial era.
      One thing is starkly clear though… the largest incriminated group of media owners and bankers is hardly synonymous with Muslims, I dare say.

      Sad to see the agony of bigotry and its ugly face contradicting itself.

      • HideReality

        Please explain how facts can be racist?

        Whites are going extinct. Fact.

        Only an anti-White would get offended by my concern for my race.

        • AnnieOK

          “White” is just another colour. Nobody is really white anyway, dontcha know, (We all come from Africa. Get used to the idea.)

          • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

            Wow, for once you actually come up with a fact instead of fantasy.

        • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

          1. these are not facts, just racist rantings.
          2. I am not anti-white, I am white.
          go find your silly white hood and go away.

        • AnnieOK

          You disgrace light-coloured people everywhere by trying to implicate all of us in your absurd, hateful conspiracy theories. The concept of “race” has been utterly smashed in biology and anthropology. It is of no significance, except that it is used to divide and destroy human beings. It’s anti-human, inhumane, and disgusting.

      • HideReality

        Who owns the banks and media and press?


        Whites should ally themselves with Muslims

    • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

      More silly nonsense. Spare us all the racism ranting.

  • LaszloZoltan

    she said it like it is- canada has become a sham of a nation

    • T Duffy (No Relation)

      Then maybe she should go back to the USA where she was born. I’m sure they would love to have her Terrorist loving A$$ back there.

  • Michael And Ingrid Heroux


    Michael And Ingrid Heroux

    If anyone knows of a good lawyer so we can keep the rest of our family alive please get ahold of us. You can contact us on our website. Thanks

    When Canadian intelligence found out our daughters warned us that they were trying to set us up as patsies for terror related activities Canadian intelligence contacted us and threatened us that they could assassinate me or my family at any time and make it look like an accident or a suicide and that no body would ever believe us if we told them. They were right because we went to the police and notified them and they laughed at us. Our oldest daughter was in university studying enviromental science at Lake Head university in Thunder Bay Ontario and they told us they could give her work placement in a logging camp in British Columbia and that anything could happen to her and we would never see her again. They were right because we haven’t seen or heard from her since she was sent home to investigate us for Canadian intelligence in 2008 and she disappeared completely, we always kept in touch with her and her friends don’t know what happened to her either. Both of our daughters have disappeared just like Canadian intelligence said they would to cover up the corrupt 30-08 terror investigation they were trying to do to us. Our other daughter was in St.Clair college in Windsor Ontario and she has disappeared completely also. Her friends don’t know what happened to her either. They spent all of their time on the internet with their friends but their last online profiles are from 2008 when they were sent home to investigate us for Canadian Intelligence.

    My family and I started warning people about Harper’s brutal secret police agency 7 years ago and Harper’s government murdered our 2 daughters and the Kathy Liknes family and tried to murder the rest of our family over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants against us.

    My family and I have been dealing with the Harper governments ACCESS TO INFORMATION system for 2 years now trying to get our 30-08 warrant information so we can sue the Harper government for torturing and murdering our family and we are still waiting for them to help us.

    We were told our requests need our signatures, birth dates, and social insurance numbers. We send in the FOI request forms with a sample of our hand writing, multiple samples of our signatures, our birthdates, copies of our birth certificates and copies of our social insurance cards.

    My wife and I finally got our second reply back from our RCMP freedom of information requests that we sent them to get our 30-08 warrant information and the investigation information that our daughters were working on before they were murdered. My wifes reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know what RCMP detachment has her information so they can find it and my reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know my birthdate before they can find my information. We are being stonewalled by the RCMP from getting our information.

    My wife and I just got our reply back from CSEC. They need to know from us what section of CSEC is holding our 30-08 warrant information so they can find it. They don’t know what section of CSEC holds terror investigation information. What are we suppose to say to that? How are we suppose to get our 30-08 warrant information and have a proper investigation done for the torture and murder of our family for the last 6 years? Who is going to help us?

    CSIS and the Ontario Justice Department are not even replying back to us and SIRC should of got back to us already but they just tabled a letter in Parliament on March 31st stating they can not properly investigate CSIS.


    The Ontario government is the only government that hasn’t got back to us in the last 2 years of trying to get our information. Since 2013 we have contacted The Ontario Privacy Commissioner numerous times and they never got back to us. We have contacted Kathleen Wynne numerous times and she has never got back to us. We have also contacted The Justice Department Of Ontario and they haven’t got back to us. It makes sence because most of the abuse in the last 15 years has come from the Ontario Government and both our daughters were assassinated in Ontario by Canadian Intelligence and when we were in Ontario that is where Canadian Intelligence told us to leave because our lives were in danger. Ontario is also were we met Kathy Liknes before her and her family were murdered by Canadian Intelligence. Kathy Liknes told us it was going to be the Ontario government that was going to pay us $250,000 for the abuse of our family before they murdered our daughters and attempted to murder the rest of our family. Also it was in Windsor Ontario they tried to assassinate the remainder of our family in January 2013 before Judge Richard Mosley put an end to the torture and assassination attempts against us by Canadian Intelligence over the fradulent 30-08 warrants they got from lying to Judge Richard Mosley. Also, Justin Trudeau won’t even reply back to us after we sent him a letter asking him for help. We contact every MP in the Federal Liberal Party by mail and only one Federal Liberal Party MP replied back to us and she passed on our request for help to our MP Don Davies who lied to her and told her he had already reached out to us but we actually reached out to him and he wouldn’t even see us and told us through his staff that he couldn’t help us. We contacted another NDP MP from another riding that helped us out in finding where some of our information is. They were alot more help to us then Don Davies was. It is pretty bad when your MP in your riding won’t even bother with you and another MP from a different riding goes out of their way to do the job your MP who you voted for was elected to do. Thanks for reading. Follow the money.


    We just got our reply back from SIRC on the 15th April, we asked them to investigate CSIS to help us get our information because CSIS won’t even reply back to us. SIRC’s reply to us was “SIRC does not have any information on you and if you are not satisfied with our answer you can complain to The Privacy Commissioner of Canada.” SIRC won’t even investigate CSIS for us over the torture and murder of our daughters. We are thinking of starting a blog and posting all the documentation we have gotten from the Harper government agencies to show everyone the run around they have been giving us since 2013 trying to get our 30-08 warrant information.


    CSIS got back to us and said they searched the database that holds the 30-08 warrant information and they can’t tell us what information is in there because it is not covered under the Privacy Act.

    These are the type of games every government agency we have applied to to get our 30-08 warrant information through the freedom of information system has been playing with us for over a year now. Information Minister Suzanne Legault, The Justice Department Of Canada, The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada, Ontario Justice Department, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, AD-HOC Privacy Commissioner John Sims, The Justice Department Of BC, The Privacy Commissioner Of BC, The Law Society Of BC, CSIS, SIRC, CSEC, RCMP have all been playing games with us.

    Bill C-51 hasn’t even passed yet and Harper is already trying to use it against his political rivals already. My family and I have just got our reply back from Jason Kenney’s department, the Department Of National Defense, we asked his department for our 30-08 terror warrant information so we can sue the Harper government for the torture and murder of our family. Jason Kenny’s department said they need to know from us which one of their databases is holding our 30-08 terror warrant information so they can find it for us. They don’t know where the terror investigation data is located and now Jason Kenney is saying that there can’t be proper oversight of Canadian Intelligence because there might be spies in the opposition parties in parliament.

    We also contacted our NDP leaders here in Canada asking them if they can help us get our information and Richard Fadden is accusing them of being spies again but he won’t name names.

    We contacted the Canadian Intelligence watchdogs last week to investigate Canadian Intelligence for the torture and murder of our family and Steven Blaney and Health Minister Rona Ambrose started harassing the Vancover municipality where we live because they won’t torture and murder our family like other municipalities in Canada have so they are trying to deplete their municipal revenues by closing down their medicine despensaries here in our municipality.

    They contacted our landlord again to try to get him to evict us again and this time they got our landlord to turn off our hot water in hopes we will leave. They have had our apartments bugged with listening devices and have been intercepting our emails and electronic communications since 2008 and now they are taking our mail from the post office after we drop it off there and bringing it back to our home and putting it in our mail box so we have to mail it all over again just to try and block us from finding legal representation to sue them. They murdered our daughters. They have tried murdering us and they have poisoned us and assaulted us and kicked us out of numerous cities and apartments and tried running us down on the streets numerous times and I have cancer from the poisonings. They have also damaged our computer systems (sabataged) to try and stop us from posting online about them. This is just a sample of what they will be using bill C-51 for but they have been doing this to us since 2008.

    We finally got our first trickle of intelligence investigation documents on us from the government after being denied them for over a year now. It is just a start but it should be enough to help secure a lawyer to try and pry the rest of our intelligence information on us from them. The agents were falsefying violent intelligence investigation on us to make it look like they were doing some serious investigations. Some of the information was redacted but we do remember inviting the agents into our home to party and they turned around and falsely claimed they were doing serious intelligence investigations on us. They made up stuff about investigating on other days we didn’t even meet with them. Some of the agents we even had to kick out of our home for selling drugs, they wanted to sell drugs out of our home to entrap people and we wouldn’t let them and when asked to leave they wouldn’t leave so we had to forcefully remove them and they went back to their headquarters and filed reports that they were doing violent intelligence investigations on us. We can’t believe what we have read, no wonder they tried to murder us, this information is damaging, no wonder people have been treating us like we are terrorists. Some of the agents claims against us we were not even in the province when they claimed to be investigating us, we were in a totally different province and we have proof. This is stuff we have never done or have ever been charged with. We can’t believe this, this is pretty damaging stuff.

    • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

      absolute nonsense. Go back on your meds.

      • T Duffy (No Relation)

        I have seen this exact post on other forums.

  • jimmy6p

    She’s a low class drunk, plain and simple. May’s true colours came through, VERY loud and clear. Booze will do that to you.

  • Dan

    She was sounding like Jim Lahey for a second up there!

    • Higher Ground

      Where was Randy?

      • Dan

        Probably cooking cheeseburgers somewhere in the background bud!

      • Ken H

        In the green room, writing Pig May’s material.

  • Saanich Gulf Islands Voter

    It’s Flaky Lizzy May, what did you expect? She has NEVER represented the wishes of the riding’s residents, only the temporary Green imports who stacked the polls last election. This time around, the legitimate voters will be watching the conduct of the polls closely.

  • Len Visser

    Can you imagine this Ms May at a state dinner where there is booze? Almost as embarrassing as Jean Chrétien in Israel, “it’s the only lake in the area and every country should have access to a lake.”
    Glad to have Harper.

  • King_Hughes

    Anyone who truly believes what May said, in jest, or otherwise, is equally as disgraceful and immature as she.

  • Sharleine Haycock

    Zero class! What a pea brain and an opportunist. Shame on you Liz! P.M. Harper has more class the whole bunch of you lefties put together. And you would never hear Laureen Harper embarrass herself or her husband in that disgusting fashion.

  • BC_4_ME

    Sure speaks to the lousy politicians we have in Canada if she is “Orator of the year”
    First she was sick from the flu.
    Then she was sleep deprived.
    She was drunk.
    In December 1969 a one hit wonder by Steam knocked the Beatles Something/Come Together from #1 on the billboard 100. The Green Party in 2011, received their lowest vote total of the last 4 elections. Hopefully that trend will continue, Ms. May doesn’t get re-elected (one less pension we pay for is good) then the Steam song will be her theme song.


    Omar Khadr has paid a price for his crime against the USA. For Murder he has served 13 years. OK OK That is enough decided a Canadian Judge. I’ll accept that.
    What I don’t understand is that he has not been charged with his crimes against Canada. Under Canadian Law (R.S.C., 1985, Bill C-46) He is a traitor and has committed high treason. To quote C-46 Entry 47-(1)” Every person who commits high treason is guilty of an indictable offence and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”
    By his very act of taking up arms in a conflict against Canada and against Canadian forces in a declared or undeclared conflict he is by definition guilty of high treason.
    I don’t even care if a Canadian judge declares that he can be released for time served. I want him to stand before a Canadian judge and answer for his crimes against Canada! What the results of that trial would be are up to our system of justice.
    I particularly resent that he is in a legal action to have the Canadian people (Government) pay him $20,000,000 !!!
    This is the country that gave him a safe refuge as a child and to which he was able to come to to get a parole from his sentence of murder. This ingrate is like a bad smell that wont go away. Why has he NOT been charged for taking up arms against his country ! He is “a Canadian citizen that owes allegiance to Her Majesty in right of Canada”. That is the law ! Why has it not been applied?

    • Mikronos

      When Canada decided to join the coalition of the willing to ‘reconstruct Afghanistan’, Khadr was already in Guantanamo. When Canada decided to go kinetic and ‘kill some scumbags’, Khadr was still in Guantanamo. When Canada decided it was a lost cause and withdrew from Afghanistan, Khadr was still … guess.

      So just when do you think he betrayed Canada – while he was in Gitmo or before Canada was involved?

      Mr’ Harper and the Tories aren’t total iijits, If they could have convicted him of treason they would have had him in court, rather than in that prison. The decided to keep him in prison anyway – and spent millions, in court, to do that.


        Mikronos, You need to check your facts.
        Canadas military involvement in Afghanistan began in late 2001. Ohmar was wounded in action against American forces on July 27 2002. At least 7 months after Canada enter the conflict.

        Omar’s alleged crimes and sentencing by the Americans for crimes against Americans is not the issue. The issue is his crimes against his country Canada. He HAS committed high treason against Canada and needs to stand before a Canadian judge and be judged! If that judge deems that he should walk fine, but that is what we have judges for. What he was tried for and what he served time for by the Americans is completely irrelevant.

  • Sam

    Totally useless debates here. If he was a terrorist, he has paid for that with 13 years of his life. If he is still a terrorist, this is merely our justice system’s fault, who couldn’t convince a child to abandon his extreme views despite of a long time having him in custody. If this is true, we need to reconsider our values seriously, there should be something wrong there that cannot fix a child’s mind after a decade.

  • Kelley

    This is what happens when a politician lets their inner monologue out.

  • Kelley

    Can’t argue with the statement; Omar Khadr has “more class than the whole fucking cabinet.”. Don’t think there’s an ounce of class or integrity amongst the lot of them. Each one of them a terrorist in their own ways.

  • Evelyn Wreckage

    As I understand the Khadr bit, she played the theme song from the old TV show “Welcome back Kotter” on her phone and then in response, said “Who knew that Kotter was spelled K-H-A-D-R?”

    And you call her behaviour disgraceful? She’s not the one who’s been selling off Canada piece by piece to foreign owned corporations!

  • Flowers

    Meh, shortlived, she’ll be invited back next year. Clement/Mercer have both said she was not drunk. A woman says the truth with the F-bomb and all civilization collapses.

  • Derek Aiken

    Its good, I think, that May mentioned Omar Khadr, even in the context of a joke.

    The most important thing about Khadr is, if he was an American, he
    could not have been put in the Guantanamo Bay s___hole. The fact is our
    government allowed a Canadian citizen to be treated worse than an
    American would have been, and subject to a military kangaroo court that
    an American would not have been subject to.

    Our federal government has the duty to protect the status of Canadian citizenship.

    Yet, while Britain got all their citizens out of GITMO many years ago,
    our leaders let a Canadian child, arrested at age 15, ( by Geneva
    Convention definition a “child soldier” and by Geneva Convention
    required to have been immediately returned to Canada ) be kept in the
    Gitmo gulag without a trial for 10 years.
    Finally, if any Canadian
    of average education reads the details of the event that led to Khadr’s
    arrest, he/she will surely see that it is very probable that Khadr did
    absolutely nothing at all that hurt any other person.

  • FXR

    As much as I would love to see a private member’s bill In Ontario,
    demanding on behalf of the people, the Liberal members sign the magna
    carta and denounce the 1930s paternalist healthcare models as criminal.
    It would be just as comical and fulfilling, to see a member of the
    Conservative cabinet respond to the next question asked by May in the
    legislature. With a question; If she had been drinking today?

  • Michael And Ingrid Heroux

    In Windsor Ontario, January 2013, Canadian Intelligence sent a gunman to assassinate my wife and 3 children and I over the fraudulent 30-08 warrants the Harper government tried to frame us with. We manage to evade the gunman and we were able to leave Ontario after Canadian Intelligence tried to have us detained by The Ontario Provicial Police. After explaining to The Ontario Provicial Police what had happened they allowed us to return to British Columbia. We decided to make our way to Vancouver and settle there and procede with our court case to sue the Harper government for the torture and poisonings and the assassination attempts against my family and I. Canadian Intelligence started investigating my wife and I in British Columbia in the late 1990’s and they tried to assassinate my family and I when we moved back to Ontario in 2000. The first assassination attempt was in 2003 and we didn’t know who tried to blow up our house at the time but since, CSIS agent Danny Palmers 2003 revelations we now know who it was.

    At the time in 2003 when they tried to blow up our house my wife and I had all 5 of our children living with us, that is the same year they poisoned us for the first time.

    When we got to Vancouver B.C. in 2013 we moved into a hotel room on the Kingsway for the month of March courtesy of Canadian Intelligence. We picked the hotel but Canadian Intelligence picked the room for us. That is where we were staying when they tried to set us up for assassination throught the SILK ROAD website at the end of March 2013.

    I guess they know that hotel very well and I guess the room they chose must of been the assasination room because there were holes in the ceiling of our hotel room that were patchced up but they didn’t re-stucco the ceiling after patching the holes so I thought maybe they were bullet holes. So I did some research and found out there was an attempted assassination in that exact same room 4 years earlier and the police still haven’t found the gunman. The spies we spoke to working at the hotel weren’t working there then so no one knew about the attempted assassination. Here are the news articles.

    We stayed there for 15 months from March 2013 till May 2014. We were in the middle of the hotel so Canadian Intelligence usually had the rooms on either side of us and above and below us also. They had our room wired for sound and they were monitoring us 24/7 with electronic devices.

    It was that way since 2008 when they got the first terror warrants on us from Judge Richard Mosley. Canadian Intelligence used my family and I to get 30-08 terror warrants from Judge Richard Mosley that would give them unprecedented special powers they never had before that they tried to get from the Courts using us in 2007 but they failed to convince Judge Blanchard to give the warrants to them so they lied to Judge Richard Mosley in 2009 to get the warrants.

    Judge Richard Mosley found out in 2013 that Canadian Intelligence lied to them to get the 30-08 warrants and he was furious. They had been using the warrants from 2009 when they first got the warrants on us until 2013 after the assassination attempts on us. Judge Richard Mosley reopened our case from 2009 and brought CSIS and CSEC before him and ordered them to quit using the 30-08 warrants based on the lies and the torture and assaults and poisonings and attempted murders of my family and I, and they also made us believe that they assassinated our 2 older daughters that were working for Canadian Intelligence.

    Kathy Liknes was one of the Canadian Intelligence agents that tried to help us survive and they murdered her and her family in the summer of 2014 to cover up the 30-08 warrant abuses.

    After Judge Richard Mosley made his redacted decision public on November 22, 2013 my family and I tried to get the Harper government to give us our investigation information so we can sue them for the abuse.

    My wife and I were very happy with Judge Richard Mosley’s decision, we couldn’t wait for his redacted reasons to be made public so we decided to go out and celebrate on November 23, 2013 at the Cellar night club on Granville St. downtown Vancouver. The agents that were following us on that night tried to set us up with the Ottawa terrorist Michael Zehaf Bibeau just upstairs from the Cellar night club at the Irish Pub. We didn’t know who he was at the time and we went to the Cellar night club just as Michael Zehaf Bibeau was running out of the Irish Pub yelling at the door men something about them trying to set him up with someone.

    We had fun at the Cellar night club that night but the agents were bugging the shit out of my wife as she was trying to dance, but they have been doing that to us since 2008. They kept bumping into her over and over again and they kept shoving her just like they alway do. In Windsor Ontario the agents used to punch and kick us as we were trying to dance and they poison my wife at the club one night. The agents used to follow us around from club to club because it was one big party for them. Every club my wife and I went to Canadian Intelligence would call “open bar” and everyone that was at the club would get free booze for the night. Sometimes there would be hundreds of people at the club drinking free booze. I wonder who paid for that? If we left the club and went to another club about 10 or 15 agents would follow us to the next club and they would call “open bar” at that club also. Depending on the agents they would harass the shit out of us or they would try to have sex with us.
    We started our attempt to get our information by contacting The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada, Jennifer Stoddart. We sent an email to Anne-Marie Hayden of The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada on November 26, 2013 to see what she had to say. Here is our email to her.

    We weren’t sure if she would get back to us so we sent The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada Jennifer Stoddart a notification email on November 28, 2013 and that is the same day the The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada Jennifer Stoddart changed her mind against Bill C-13, she knew who our family was and that our family was being abused by Canadian Intelligence so there was no way she could continue to back a bill that she was backing to give Police and Intelligence unprecedented powers to invade everyones privacy. Jennifer Stoddart received Bill C-13 on November 20, 2013 and she was pleased with giving the police and intelligence unprecedented powers to invade everyones privacy just like they have been doing with our family for many years now but after Anne-Marie Hayden of The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada told her we were trying to contact her she knew she could no longer back Draconian laws like Bill C-13.

    Our internet was being monitored by Canadian Intelligence then as it still is now and they were listening to us in our room and thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations we now know Canadian Intelligence monitors all Canadian’s communications with their government anyways.

    We took alot of heat from Canadian Intelligence for contacting her, we were getting death threats, they were threatening to kill our children and they were going to try and run us over on the streets again but it was no different than what has been happening to us for many years now. I think Gregor Robertson told them to lay off because he doesn’t put up with much bullshit here in Vancouver.

    On November 30, 2013 we submitted our case to The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada and the Privacy Commissioner Of Canada Jennifer Stoddart stepped down as Privacy Commissioner, she was supposed to retire in 2 days but she stepped down 2 days early because of our case, we read 5 different news articles saying she stepped down early and when we went back to read those news articles 5 news agencies pulled their news stories of her stepping down early because Harper decided to cover up the 30-08 warrant abuses of our family.

    That is why Harper’s Federal Conservative MP for Ontario, John Baird stepped down and Harper’s Federal Conservative MP for British Columbia, James Moore stepped down and that is why The Justice Minister Of Canada Peter Mackay stepped down. They didn’t want to be associated with covering up the Harper government’s and the Liberal government’s corruption anymore, the abuse against our family started with Paul Martin’s Liberal government that Justin Trudeau inheritted. The Justice Department Of Canada has been ignoring our requests for our information and The Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney and The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada has been covering it up for Harper and they had led us to believe that our 2 daughters who would be our main witnesses when we sue the Harper government were murdered. We have been trying to get our information since November 26, 2013 and the Harper government has been denying us our own information.

    The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada is refusing to acknowledge that we even submitted our case to her on November 30, 2013 and she is trying to make people think that she knew about our abuse even before she read Bill C-13. The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada is trying to make the public think we submitted our case to her on November 19, 2013 a day before she read Bill C-13 because she didn’t want anyone to know she changed her mind about Bill C-13 because of our case and she doesn’t want anyone to know she jump the gun and stepped down 2 days early because of our case. We have the letters and emails to prove it. She is covering up for Harper.

    We sent Anne-Marie Hayden of The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada another letter on December 2, 2013 and we submitted another privacy complaint to The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada on December 5, 2013.

    We got a reply back from Anne-Marie Hayden of The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada the same day after submitting our second privacy complaint with The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada on December 5, 2013.

    The Harper government was getting nervous about Judge Richard Mosley’s Rebuke against them. It was unprecedented for a Judge to have to deal with such corruption coming from a Canadian government. The Justice Minister needed some advice on how to try and cover up their corruption.

    Just to make sure they weren’t going to ignore us like most government agencies have been we decided to submit a third privacy complaint on December 18, 2013.

    We had to wait a long time for The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada to get back to us and they still won’t acknowledge that we contact them on November 28, 2013 the same day Jennifer Stoddart changed her mind against Bill C-13 and they still won’t acknowledge that we submitted a privacy complaint with them on November 30, 2013 the same day Jennifer Stoddart stepped down. They sent us a letter stating that we submitted a privacy complaint to them for the first time on November 19, 2013, a day before Jennifer Stoddart got Bill C-13 given to her for review. That is false, we didn’t even have Judge Richard Mosley’s 30-08 warrant decision yet because it didn’t come out until November 22, 2013.

    The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada finally sent us a letter on January 23, 2014 and here it is.

    We contacted The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada’s office on February 4, 2014 by phone to give them the additional information they required. They wanted to know the names of the agents that we met between 2008-2009 and they wanted to know the names of the agents that had sex with my wife while I watched. I told them that I will get back to them with the names of the agents my wife and I met in Windsor Ontario between 2008-2009. In the mean time I gave them the names of 2 of the agents we met in 2008. Bianca and Laticia Vaneyk. Our 2 daughters that were sent back home to live with us in 2008 by Canadian Intelligence.

    I guess The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada decided she didn’t want to know the names of the agents we met and had sex with between 2008-2009 after all because she sent us a new letter the same day we spoke with them by phone February 4, 2014. Here is the letter.

    The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada couldn’t wait to close our case with them. The letter was a lie, we never spoke about taking our case to another government agency at all, they were going to wait for additional information from us. Don’t ever speak with a government agency over the phone. Always get everything in writing. The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada is just ignoring us now just like The Justice Department Of Canada, they won’t answer us anymore. Here are a couple follow up letters we sent them but they never answered our letters back. Don’t mind the messy hand writing, I know it’s bad.

    FOLLOW THE MONEY – Michael And Ingrid Heroux

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