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Conservative parents in Ontario are standing up for their children’s rights to remain blissfully unaware of things like jerking off and same-sex marriage.  I doubt the kids in grades 3-7 care much about what their parents don’t want them learning, however, especially since kids that age tend to find these things out even sooner if they aren’t supposed to.

What the kiddies with blue mummies and daddies are hooting about isn’t seeing hooters, but having their parents give them an excuse to skip school!

A group of parents, mostly concentrated around Toronto—odd since the vast majority of the Ontario Liberal Party was elected around Toronto—are going on strike and they’re taking their kids with them. They aren’t striking from their jobs, which raises the question of whether what they are doing can be called a strike in the first place. What they are doing is protesting the new sexual education curriculum the Ontario Liberal Party introduced several months ago.

The curriculum, which teaches kids about same-sex relationships, gender identity, consent, and masturbation, has been accused by some of teaching deviant sexual practices and of not being age appropriate. Interestingly enough, the BBC actually encourages learning sex ed even earlier. It’s unclear how many parents (and students) will be participating in the strike or how many students will simply skip class because they can. Learning about sex might make the students more interested in attending, but, if they have a get out of school free card, they’re going to use it.


Then Again Skipping school seems to have worked for some, particularly Conservatives

Then again, skipping school seems to have worked for some Conservatives.


While it is disappointing that some people in this province still consider same-sex relationships and activities “deviant” and “akin to child abuse,” there is another tragic misconception confirmed by these circumstances: voters do not understand the basic workings of our political system.

Kathleen Wynne reports that the disgruntled parents have threatened to try to use the curriculum as a wedge issue in the federal election scheduled for this fall. Apparently, Ontario parents fail to realize that the Federal and Provincial Liberal Parties are distinctly separate entities. The Ontario Liberal Party is—much like the BC Liberals, Quebec Liberals, and Alberta Liberals—unaffiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, even if some ideology overlaps. Memberships, unlike that of every branch of the NDP, do not overlap.

Far worse, Ontario’s conservative parents fail to understand that there is a division of powers in our constitution, which gives the provinces complete control over education. Trying to blame Justin Trudeau for what Kathleen Wynne is doing on education in Ontario is like accusing your brother of knocking down your tent when he isn’t even on the campsite.


Yes, I blame it on intelligence failures too. Of the parents.

Yes, I blame it on intelligence failures too, intelligence failures on the part of the parents.


Apparently, these parents who are letting their kids play hooky, should probably go back to school themselves. Or at least read a Wikipedia article!