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With a single tweet, the whole Canadian media-sphere blew over. Was it the cabinet shuffle? No, that happened but nobody cared. It was Eve Adams VI: Return of Eve Adams (Again):



I mean, can you really blame the Liberals? Eve Adams is a distinguished MP, with a beautiful family. You may remember her from a nomination fight with Natalia Lishchyna. Last May, Eve Adams, MP for Mississauga-Brampton South, decided that it would be better if she ran in the newly created riding of Oakville North-Burlington. Natalia Lishchyna also wanted a nomination, so Eve Adams began bursting into a meeting of the Oakville North-Burlington riding association to, according to its president, “verbally abuse at least four members of the board directly.” Then, the Lischyna camp claimed that they’ve received reports of Adams’ husband, Dmitri Soudas, bribing supporters to vote for her, by paying for their party memberships.  


Eve Adams, posing with Harper before he embarked on a quest to destroy her family’s credibility
Jason Ransom


Typically such a ridiculous claim by the opposition would be discarded, except that Dmitri Soudas (who incidentally owed tens of thousands in back taxes due to a “clerical error”) subsequently “stepped down” from his position as Executive Director of the Conservative Party for hundreds of phone calls on his wife’s behalf, thus interfering in the riding contest no matter their content.

A Conservative party investigation quickly recommended that both Adams and Lishchyna resign, but instead Adams simply quit (apparently of her own accord) due to a concussion from months earlier. Given all this baggage, it’s impressive that the Liberals would court a couple whose robocalls are too sleazy for even the Conservatives. It’s clear why Eve Adams would cross the floor, the Conservatives didn’t approve of her sleazy antics, but it’s not like they disqualified her from running for re-election in any riding, right?   



Oh. So the Conservative Party of Canada forced her husband to step down, disqualified her from running in one riding and then barred her from running for the party because of repeated charges of harassment, rudeness to gas station attendants, accusations of voter fraud, and abusing party personnel to help her re-election campaign. I’m sure the Conservatives are very glad that the Liberals are willing to take her.