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Donair Cité, a restaurant with Atlantic Canada flair, has come under fire by Contre Le Quebec Bashing, a group dedicated to countering Anglophone disdain for the “Quebec nation.” The righteous defenders of pure laine Quebecois are calling on their devout pilgrims to report the Donair Cité Facebook page to the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF), or as it is commonly known, the Quebec language police.


It roughly translates to “Ministry of Truth”


The conflict is reminiscent of a dispute in February of last year, on the heels of a provincial election where the PQ was ousted. In that dispute, the Facebook page of clothing store Delilah in the Parc was contacted by the OQLF directly. Eva Cooper, the boutique owner, was told to translate her page into French or face legal and financial retaliation.

The OQLF has no legal authority to shut down businesses for uttering the vile British tongue, but it didn’t stop them from going to court with poor, defenseless merchants like Best Buy, Costco, The Gap, Old Navy, Guess, and Walmart over their signage. The case – which the OQLF lost – was a “stupid argument” to begin with, according to some legal expert with common sense.



Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy teased the OQLF last November with promotional signs saying “For Christmas, I got a complaint from the Office de la langue française.” A gentleman named François Côté, who may actually be just a croissant, contacted the OQLF and promptly had Sammy’s billboards censored. The living croissant told Sammy, “My good deed of the day. It gives me great pleasure to do my civic duty and make a complaint against you to the Office de la langue française.”

It’s a good marketing ploy. Sugar Sammy made national news, and Delilah in the Parc gained tons of Facebook likes.

Donair Cité is receiving an outpouring of public support. One traitorous Francophone told the owner “I puke when I hear about those assholes brandishing their law 101.”



Facebook screencap courtesy of Donair Cité



Vincent Mongeau, manager of the Contre Le Quebec Bashing page, told the owner (above) of Donair Cité he would “kick the shit out of [him]” if they ever met. To perhaps test if Donair Cité was bilingual, he then told the owner “Je vais te battre à morte,” meaning, “I will beat you to death.” The French have such a way with words.

In the immortal words of Vincent Mongeau himself, the folks at Contre Le Quebec Bashing are a “bunch of loser.” Loser indeed, Vincent. Loser indeed.