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Charter of Values architect and DRAIN-O spokesman Bernard Drainville has just announced his candidacy for leadership of the beleaguered Parti Quebecois. Drainville is expected to face tough competition from Pierre-Karl Peladeau, who is yet to officially announce a leadership bid, but instead has officially announced the creation of a Twitter account. Sources report that Peladeau has the backing of several PQ MNAs, as well as former leader and Quebec Premier Pauline Marois. Although, I’m not too sure Marois’ endorsement could be considered a plus.



They were already deciding what wallpaper would look nicest in their Premier’s office.


PKP is under intense scrutiny by not only his opponents in the National Assembly but also members of his own party, who claim the media magnate is in a conflict of interest while he sits in political office. He recently admitted to lobbying for Quebecor while sitting as an MNA. He was fighting against the sale of a Montreal film studio that his company was vying for. Good news is that Quebecor just went ahead and bought the company, Vision Globale, as of today. There! It’s his property…so no conflict of interest anymore?

How can Drianville fight off this behemoth of a player? I don’t know if he can. Peladeau has the concerns of the average Quebecer in his mind; it’s why he declared that the province would need a standing army following independence to defend itself from Canada and the United States. These are issues that keep all of us up at night.

Oh, and there’s Lisée. Poor bastard never had a chance.