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Just last week vandals broke into the Trudeau’s Ottawa residence. Only now have Ottawa police released a surveillance video showing a top person of interest: a bearded man talking on a cellphone at night near the residence. What was this break-in about and who is this mysterious bearded man?

For starters, the break-in probably wasn’t about money. The “vandals” were so polite that they left the residence without taking a single item. They even left a letter suggesting the Trudeau family should lock their doors to prevent any future thievery. The police are asking for the public’s help to identify the person in the video, probably because they want to admit them into the Order of Canada for their positive contribution to the field of crime.


I can't believe these vandals would leave me and my family completely unharmed and not steal anything at all. How could they? Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press

I can’t believe these vandals would leave me and my family completely unharmed and not steal anything at all. How could they do such a thing?
Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press


If this wasn’t about money, what was it about? Well, police reports do suggest the vandals set their letter on a pile of items including kitchen knives, which means the group definitely entered into some sort of food-related area. Were these folks really vandals or just some munchies-driven stoners seeking refuge in J.T.’s pot-head paradise of a pantry? The guy in the video did have a beard, and Marc Emery might have had a beard at some point (it’s hard to be sure), so it’s probably fair for police to consider this motive.

The motive could also have had a more personal touch. The vandals might just have been really annoyed by the number of times Justin has “rolled up his sleeves” in the past couple weeks. It seems unreasonable to take action because of this little annoyance, but it’s not necessarily a unique case in Canadian politics. Annoyance with Stephen Harper debating about abortion again has probably driven his barber to continue giving him that dreadful haircut when change is really necessary. Action comes in many forms.

Ok, it probably wasn’t about money, it may have been about marijuana (but probably not), and it almost definitely wasn’t about Justin’s party slogans, so why did it happen? It will probably be some time before there is an answer to that question. In the meantime, Canadians can be happy that we might have some of the most polite “vandals” out there.