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The return of Marc Emery has proven equal to that of the Jedi, and, in a way, he remains just as fabled as Luke Skywalker. To the pot enthusiasts of Canada, Emery is a legend known across the galaxy, who attempts to take down the Galactic Conservatives with the use of the force, a newly developed strain of marijuana—as strong and dense as a gravitational singularity—that binds the universe together. To non-pot smoking Canadians, the excitement seems a bit excessive. But forget those narcs! Today is a day for celebration with few puffs and bag of Cheetos.


dKim Stallknecht/PNG

I haven’t been able to move the fingers on my right hand in four days!
Kim Stallknecht/PNG


Hundreds gathered in Victory Square to welcome home the Prince of Pot yesterday. While Marc couldn’t refuse to smoke a few bowls and burn down a few joints with his loyal supporters, his tolerance (now up to 15 to 20 joints a day) did allow him to stay on track with the what was at hand. Emery immediately started to talk about the upcoming federal election. He has recently endorsed Justin Trudeau and his stance on marijuana, and spared no time talking about the role marijuana legalization will play in this election and his support for the Federal Liberals. “This is the most historic election for our culture because never before has legalization been on the ballot,” he said. “We’ve got 14 months to turn this country into a non-stop discussion about why we ought to legalize marijuana.” Man, that is going to be one very convoluted 14 month long conversation that will probably side track several times to the subjects of the legitimacy of the moon landing and what pizza toppings to get.

However, Emery not only waxed poetic about a possible pot-legal future, but also doled out important advice relevant to Canadians no matter what they’re inhaling, “just show up,” he said. These encouraging words may prove the legitimacy of potheads in politics.

Emery stated that he plans to get back to work at the Cannabis Culture store in Vancouver, and focus on getting his wife Jodie elected in the upcoming federal election. Jodie Emery is hoping to secure the Liberal nomination in the riding of Vancouver East.

Emery was in prison in Louisiana for just over four years. He faced a five-year prison sentence but was released early for good behaviour. While Emery was incarcerated, both Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana, two events that Emery described as, “a great thing that made my time even more worthwhile.” Emery says said he believes that “a beautiful day under a legalized sun” will come soon for Canada as well.


A perk of being Marc Emery is all the custom "freedom" bongs people make for youBen Nelms/The Canadian Press

A perk of being Marc Emery is all the custom “freedom” bongs people make for you
Ben Nelms/The Canadian Press


The crowed that greeted Emery under a cloud of pot smoke was teeming with diversity. The Vancouver Sun interviewed a few of them, including Melissa Zorn, a 23-year-old marijuana activist, who said the movement was not just about legalizing pot, but about individual rights. “Marc fights for marijuana but he also fights for a cause in general, which is freedom,” she said. “It’s not just about getting stoned.  The message is freedom of choice.” Deborah-Lynn Baker, a 56 year old who has been smoking pot since the age of 15 after being victim to a near fatal car accident, told Emery, “God bless you,” as they shook hands. “I’ve been smoking marijuana ever since [the car accident]…and I feel great,” she told an interviewer. Vancouver West End resident Brandon, who came to welcome Emery with his four-year-old son said, “I’m here to support Marc and Jodie. It’s a positive time for the legalization movement and I wanted to be a part of this.”

All this festivity doesn’t outshine Emery’s bitterness towards the Conservative government. Emery has stated, “my own government betrayed me and I’m going to wreak an appropriate amount of political revenge when I get home and campaign against the Conservative government.” It would be understatement to say that’s off-putting, considering that reads like a melodrama’s outcasted villain soliloquizing.

But this aside, it is a still a day worth celebrating for marijuana users across Canada where, hopefully, it’s 4:20 in at least one province or territory.  Even if it isn’t here, it definitely is somewhere in the world. But if a pot head is holding joint, is an excuse to smoke it really necessary?