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After a Saturday night break-in at the Trudeau residence in the uber-wealthy Ottawa suburb of Rockcliffe Park, Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney says he “understands” that Trudeau wants better security.

It’s understandable, a nutter broke into Trudeau’s house while his wife and children were sleeping, and atop a stack of butcher knives left a note which was presumably threatening, creepy, or both.

So it’s good that Steven Blaney is understanding. Before jumping into security concerns, it is important to note that the door was left unlocked. Though, when the average income of the parents of children at the one public school in the borough is $148,900, you begin to think that troublemakers don’t frequent your neighbourhood.

Alas, an intruder walked through that door Saturday night, and it goes without saying that the Trudeau’s will likely never repeat the same mistake.

What is curious is that the Trudeau’s actually aren’t allotted a dedicated security detail. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have protectors surrounding their estates, but Trudeau, leader of the 3rd place party, isn’t accorded the same privilege.

So, how did Justin react to such a harrowing moment? On Sunday morning, he released a statement saying “we’re extremely troubled by this.” Ever the politician, a few hours later he was doing something else.


In any event, the real issue at stake this weekend was that a party leader named “Mulcair” has an RCMP detail while a party leader named “Trudeau” does not. It’s almost as though Mulcair’s standing in parliament has been deemed more important than Justin’s, despite the polls, the selfies with lust-crazed teenagers, and the name. Mulcair has worked for the honour of being targeted with death threats. Justin was born into 24 Sussex.

So, in the coming days or weeks Justin’s family will keep their doors locked up tight, the RCMP will probably lend some personnel to look after the third party leader, and Justin may even take time off from his busy schedule of kissing babies across the country to stay with his family. I hope they enjoy the parades as much as he does.