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Justin is at it again. When he’s not courting the infant vote, he’s doing anything and everything to court the minority vote.

Trudeau recently visited the Al Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in his Quebec riding of Papineau. This is a mosque that, according to documents from the Pentagon, is a place where “al-Qaida members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”

So ludicrous is his decision to visit a Wahhabi mosque on a US watch-list, that Tarek Fatah, the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, called Trudeau’s response “outrageous.” Ezra Levant helpfully chimed in that members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda subscribe to Wahhabism, and that Justin’s Saudi-born Senior adviser has likely been slowly pushing Justin towards radical Islam. Even funnier was the earlier speculation that Justin may have accidentally converted to Islam, if he recited the Shahada during an afternoon prayer publicity stunt a few months ago.


Justin Trudeau, posing for another publicity shot.Sun News

Justin Trudeau, reminding himself that this will help his campaign.
Sun News


Trudeau’s response, full of sass, was that “we in Canada have our own determinations for those sorts of things because the U.S. is known to make mistakes from time to time,” with regards to a Pentagon terrorism-links list.

Somehow this notion that American military documents are haphazardly compiled and have no credibility has creeped through not just Justin’s campaign team, but media outlets as well. Jonathan Kay of the National Post assured us that anyone who would feel such a way believes that “Trudeau was born in Kenya,” and that because the mosque in question last harboured terrorists in the ’90s, there’s absolutely no cause for alarm.

Imagine Prime Minister Trudeau, receiving American military documents identifying potential terrorist threats, and saying “the U.S. is known to mistakes from time to time,” and instead trying to befriend the identified group. It’s a way of looking at the world, similar to a child who does not yet know what a lie is.

Just last year, Justin was in an interview with Peter Mansbridge, and when asked how he would respond to the Boston Bombings if he was PM, he sighed and offered, “there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded […] our approach has to be, ‘where do those tensions come from?’” He did not mention that he would release a statement condemning the attack, or anything else sane to say after people died in a tragedy.

Even the PMO got in on this, with spokesman Stephen Lecce saying “It’s clear that Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to keep Canadians safe.”

Maybe, just maybe, Justin really is such an idealist who can’t believe that he lives in a world where people do bad things for reasons other than not being invited to the popular kids’ parties. After all, Justin is one of the popular kids, and therefore sees the world through that lens.

It’s just a shame that Justin can’t be bothered to Google whether or not his photo-ops take place in locations on terrorist watch lists. Frankly, it’s terrifying.


Update #1 (08/06/14): Even though he was a little late to the party, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney took the opportunity to condemn Trudeau, accusing him of “pandering for votes amongst religious extremists,” and that “it is clear that Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to keep Canadians safe.” You’ll note that the quote is identical to the one given by the PMO, and it’s unclear whether Blaney actually gave the statement or if an intern just copy-pasted whatever the PMO sent their way.

Update #2 (08/06/14): Deputy Liberal Premier Ralph Goodale says that Justin last visited the mosque in March 2011, a month before it was made public that the mosque was on the terror watchlist. Justin may have actually done nothing wrong. If true, Stephen Blaney’s office just condemned Trudeau for no good reason. We’ll keep you updated as this develops.

  • Donald CHAMPAGNE

    J.T. got my vote come 2015 but Elizabeth May has the most honest party

  • Pan Lil

    “Trudeau recently visited ……………….” his visited was in March 2011. Does that considered recently?

  • Michael Merry

    God help us all if Mr Trudeau becomes PM. The man lacks even basic common sense

    • Tony Spencer

      Sorry Michael. God does not exist. Seek your help (and common sense) from elsewhere please.

      • Michael Merry

        You can ease off, Tony –it’s just an expression. I’m an atheist; or more precisely I’m an anti-theist. I should point out, however, that neither you no anyone else has any business telling people that ‘god’ (whatever that is) ‘does not exist’. We don’t know that. The non-existence of something, by definition, cannot be proved. Regards

    • mizmite6

      The Cons promptly investigated and found out…3 yrs later and no report.

  • John Thompson

    Frankly you are hilarious.

  • Tony Spencer

    What a load of malarkey.

    1. JT visits the mosque in March 2011 BEFORE it appears on a US watch list in April that same year. Is he supposed to be psychic?

    2. If this mosque is still a threat then why has the Harper government done NOTHING about it – either by investigating the mosque or shutting it down?

    3. 2011?! Is this the best the cons can come up with? Clutching at straws as their poll numbers go down the drain!

  • MomsTalking

    Trudeau’s ignorance of the biggest threat to Canada us DANGEROUS!!!His responses range from infantile(maybe the {killers} felt left out) to arrogant and dictatorial !He is a lazy drama teacher for heaven’s sake, who is NOT a kid and who spent most of his life thinking only of himself!! And now, he is a muslim…mistake or not, he leaves under threat of death.From the same people who behead kaffirs and London citizens!!Traitor and muslim,Obama, appears to be calling the shots through his 5 former campaign mgrs now working “with” Justine Trudeau!!

  • user xyyyz
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  • John VanBrunt

    To think this asshole almost became minister of canada.

    • Charles Martel


  • popsicle

    lol this pic is from the surrey mosque in british columbia…

  • Shaheen

    Are you guys retarded? Logically, how the hell can a mosque be in ties with Al-Qaeda? Are you stupid? That makes no logical sense. Even if that’s true, it’s not labelled as a mosque anymore, because a mosque is defined as a place of worship. USE LOGIC.

    Secondly, if it is a threat, why the hell didn’t anyone take this mosque down?

    Thirdly, this was in 2011.

    Fourthly, this was in the Surrey Mosque, a place where many Muslims come to worship in peace.

    Fifthly, it’s sad how there are so many arrogant, idiotic, ignorant and incompetant people in this world.


    • Rodney

      WHere did the prophet Mohammed store all his mens weapons?

      A mosque!

  • Siddiq Kuty

    I don’t blame the people following these clowns trying to sell stories under false pretext, you guy’s should be ashamed of yourself for false information, there’s big difference between BC and QUEBEC


    That’s a very good reminder before the election. Just hope Canadians will wake-up before October 19, 2015. Mr Trudeau will get all Islamic vote and that is well known. Canadians have a short memory of the legacy of the liberals: Salary frozen for almost 10 years for Federal Employees while these politicians were getting their salary increases and also performance bonuses; they also shut down the Mirabel Airport after expropriated farmers for practically nothing; Took billions $ from the federal employees pension funds because they were classified as public funds and no laws exist to prevent this from happening in the future and this also applies to unemployment insurance funds from workers; Concerning the Old Age Pension: do you know that a Canadian with 40 years of residency in Canada is getting less than immigrants covered or not covered by International Agreements with foreign countries. Why? The calculation formula for immigrants according to the Old Age Pension office and Revenue Canada is very different and is based on a compensation as follows: A Canadian with 40 years of residency is getting an OAS based on 40 years and his or her GIS not taxable is very minimal and his based on the Revenu earned during the year, however an immigrant for example would get if he has 10 years of residency in Canada 10/40yrs X by the basic pension amt and his not taxable GIS would be set at 90% of the OAS amount received by the Canadian with 40 years of residency in Canada and the same applies to those with 2 or more years of residency in Canada. I filed a very comprehensive letter and Excel Tables about this injustice and to date, the only politician who has acknowledged such letter and report was Jim Flaherty then Minister of Finance. This is what I wrote to Justin TRUDEAU:Les Canadiens ont beaucoup de mémoire/Canadians also have a memory. Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui ont gelé nos salaires pendant près de 10 ans pour éponger la dette nationale alors que les politiciens continuaient d’augmenter leur salaire. /Remembler that it’s the liberal who has frozen our salary for approx. 10 years to pay the national debt while these politicians were getting salary increases./ Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui ont puisé des milliards $ dans la caisse de l’assurance chômage et du fonds de pensions des fonctionnaires du fédéral. /Remember that’s the liberal who have taken funds from the unemployment ins. funds and the pension funds of federal employees. /Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui avaient exproprié les fermiers dans Mirabel pour construire l’aéroport de Mirabel. /Remember that’s the liberal who have expropriated the farmers to build the Mirabel Airport. / Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui ont fermé l’aéroport de Mirabel. / Remember that’s the liberal that also shut down the Mirabel airport. Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui ont eu le scandale des commandites. / Remember that’s the liberal who had the scandal on the ”commandites”. Enfin rappelons-nous que la plus grande dette nationale fut sous les libéraux à cet époque. / Remember that the most important national debt was with the liberal then. / Souvenons-nous que ce sont les libéraux qui avaient considéré abolir la pension de vieillesse je pense parce qu’ils avaient réalisé le préjudice envers les Canadiens qui avaient 40 ans de statut de résidence au Canada alors que les immigrants avec 10 ans ou moins de statut de résidence recevaient à titre de compensation l’équivalent de la SV mais avec un Revenu guaranti non taxable./ Remember it’s the liberals who considered abolishing the old age pension because I think they realized the prejudice towards Canadians with 40 years of residency in Canada because the immigrants were receiving as a compensation a GIS not taxable to be the equivalent of the OAS taxable of Canadians with 40 years of residency in Canada. / M. Trudeau avant de faire des promesses de $900 de revenu garanti vérifiez s.v.p. la formule de calcul utilisée parce que vous allez encore augmenter l’injustice envers les Canadiens qui ont 40 ans de statut de résidence au Canada et ce sont les immigrants qui vont en profiter. / Mr Trudeau before promissing your $900 GIS increase, please verify the calculation formula because you will only increase the injustice towards the Canadians who have 40 years of residency in Canada. (refer to both of my letters and reports written in French and in English mailed to you in 2014.)

  • hubbarddennis