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Just two weeks after a recommendation from the Conservative Party of Canada encouraged both Eve Adams and Natasha Lishchyna to resign, Eve Adams has quit the race saying that “the time has come to take my health seriously.”


I get that you don't like the guy that fired your husband, but you don't need to say that he made you sick!Jason Ransom

I get that you don’t like the guy that fired your husband, but you don’t need to say that being around him is a health issue!
Jason Ransom


The nomination race in Oakville-North Burlington had been one of the ugliest thus far, with both of these ladies slinging a ton of mud on their quest to be the Conservative nominee. As Adams is already the MP for Mississauga Brampton South, Lishchyna told her to stick to her roots and stay out of the race.

So, given that the Conservative party recommended they both quit to stop shaming the party, it’s interesting that Adams is the first to quit. While I don’t doubt the “it’s for my health” line, it seems awfully suspicious, and more likely that she quit after internal pressure.

This whole affair has been a mess of scandals, from Dmitri Soudas going door-to-door for Adams (his wife) while he was Harper’s Chief of Staff, to Adams accusing Lishchyna of making robo-calls to people’s houses, a new no-no for the Conservative party. Adams was also accused of paying the registration fees of people who promised to vote for her (which is best described by a word that beings with a bribe), and making partisan mailouts with taxpayer funds. In the past eight months, there were more scandals in this nomination race than in the Senate, which is saying something.

But, at the end of the day, there is now a Conservative riding without an incumbent, and a new riding with a smaller field to choose from. In the overall goal of the Conservatives getting an easy majority come next October, Adams and Lishchyna have done a pretty poor job of making it a reality.

Here’s hoping Adams feels better, but in the wake of this ugly race, the real loser was common courtesy.