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They say you’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask for it, but with Elizabeth May’s new strategy to pick up seats in the next election, no one’s even calling her back.

This past weekend was the Green Party national convention in Fredericton, NB, a political summit with as much real-world pull as a high school model UN simulation, and believe it or not, the party has decided as a collective group that they’d like to gain more power.


Shocking, we know.

Shocking, we know.


Following the convention, Green Party leader Elizabeth May announced that the party has ruled in favour of reforming our electoral system to proportional representation, and co-operating with the NDP and the Liberals in selectively choosing candidates for certain ridings in which a Tory MP could be dethroned. The Greens will only agree to this party co-operation, however, if the Oranges and the Grits agree to their policy of electoral reform.

Yup, that makes a lot of sense. I’m sure that the NDP and the Liberals are just itching to change Canada’s electoral system from one in which they win all the seats into one where they don’t. And they obviously want Elizabeth May’s electoral reform so freakin’ bad that they’ll “co-operate” with her in the next election AKA drop out of certain ridings so that her party can win more than one seat.

Elizabeth May, you’re a dreamer. Our electoral system is broken and the Greens deserve more representation in our government (in 2011, they won 3.9% of the popular vote but only 0.3% of Parliamentary seats). However, the probability of Trudeau and Mulcair getting on-board with May’s proposal for electoral reform is about as high as Benjamin Netanyahu agreeing with May to condemn West Bank settlements (a motion adopted at the past weekend’s convention).


It works so well, but it's still so disturbing

You May say she’s a dreamer, and she’s actually the only one
Green Party of Canada


If the Green Party wants to find a partner in electoral reform perhaps she should give the Bloc Quebecois a call. They could probably use some friends, and since the passing of Quebec-darling Jack Layton, French Canada is ripe for a May day.