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It would seem that due to the changes Health Canada have made to their medical marijuana rules, Liam McKnight, a 6-year-old Ottawa boy suffering from epilepsy, can no longer legally buy his cannabis oil and must resort to the good ol’ green plant itself. Health Canada’s strange decision to ban marijuana by-products came in April. Included in the ban are baked goods like hash brownies, and the McKnight family’s beloved oil.

Mandy McKnight, Liam’s mother, says that the oil has been a complete godsend for the young boy ever since he started using it at age five. Prior to beginning his treatment of cannabis, Liam would experience close to seventy seizures per day. The day he began using the medicine, his daily seizures went down to an astounding zero, a mindboggling miracle that makes us one step closer to believing in Stoner Jesus.


Turning bong water into

Turning bong water into wine


But since the change in Health Canada’s rules that strangely makes ingesting the drug illegal but leave smoking it as a totally acceptable alternative (designed to limit the existence of “pot-brownie cafes”), the McKnights have a much more arduous process for getting Liam his medicine. Instead of sticking a pipe in their son’s mouth, lighting the bowl, and turning on a Grateful Dead record, Liam’s parents are paying big bucks to ship the marijuana across the country to have it processed into their son’s beloved oil.

Apparently, Liam McKnight isn’t the only Canadian affected by Health Canada’s unreasonable new rules. Adam Greenblatt, executive director of the Montreal-based Medical Cannabis Access Society estimates that approximately 65 percent of medical marijuana users would use cannabis-derivative products if it were allowed by the government.


We imagine that behind those shades, Liam's got eyes redder than our nation's flagOttawa Citizen

Behind those shades, Liam’s probably got really red eyes
Ottawa Citizen


The greatest hypocrisy of this entire situation is that the Conservative government, without a doubt culpable in the recent change in Health Canada’s rules, actually slammed Trudeau and his Liberal cronies in an attack ad focusing on their marijuana platform. The ad implies, with a picture of a young boy lighting up a joint, that Trudeau’s proposed policies which set out to legalize marijuana for Canadian adults will make children smoke pot more frequently, and hints that ‘kids smoking weed’ is Trudeau’s ultimate evil plan.

Sorry, Harper. It looks like your government’s harsh drug stance has the exact opposite effect of what you would have hoped. There’s only one political party in Canada forcing a young child to smoke pot, and it ain’t Trudeau’s.