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Mike Duffy faces 31 charges stemming from his alleged professional tomfoolery while serving as a Senator in and (loosely) around the Ottawa area. If he is found guilty on multiple counts, he will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. But will he have company in the big house? That’s the question his lawyers are trying to answer.

When he testified in his own defence before the Senate a few months ago, Mr. Duffy promised that the full story of his activities and accomplices would eventually emerge. Like a pornstar fighting to keep his job, he said he had “more to come,” and dangled the promise of a bombshell in front of Canada’s collective eyes. Understandably, we drooled. Then, when no delicious evidence emerged for several months, so we forgot about it and moved on. The seemingly endless string of spending scandals coming out of Parliament was enough to convince us that we could best satisfy our hunger for drama by looking elsewhere. Now we’re back, and for good reason.

Duffy’s lawyers are considering making Stephen Harper testify at Duffy’s trial. They want to ask him what he knew about the $90,000 cheque and a whole bunch of other funny business. They want to make him sweat on the witness stand. They want to set the record straight because they know that this time the truth will shine through.


IT'S OVER $90,000!!!!Dragonball Z

IT’S OVER $90,000!!!!
Dragonball Z | Sean Kilpatrick


It sounds delightful, but it’s probably a fallacy. While his appearance on the stand at and subsequent association with a criminal trial will ruin what remains of his tattered reputation, if Stephen Harper hasn’t said what Duffy and Co. want to hear yet, the odds are he isn’t going to say it at all. If the allegations against Mike Duffy are tried and true, then we know that Mike Duffy and the PMO are as crooked as a pair of G20 cops. In that case, is Harper responsible for what goes on in his office? Absolutely. However, barring the appearance of new, extremely damning evidence against him, he will have no reason to change his story, and we will have no reason to think any differently of him. It will be Mike Duffy’s testimony against Stephen Harper’s, and by this point Canadians should know that these two wrongs won’t make a right.