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Ford isn’t homophobic; he’s just tired of being asked if he is.

Rob Ford didn’t move from his seat when the Toronto Council stood to pay tribute to the World Pride Celebrations.  This move, or lack thereof, spread further rumours of Ford’s supposed homophobia, and city councillors tweeted their disappointment in their Mayor.  This comes after  Ford didn’t even attend the World Pride Celebrations in the city.  Now, after fourteen continuous years of accusations, Ford has insisted “I’m not homophobic.  I’m not homophobic.”  The Mayor doth protest.


"They just won't leave me alone!"Greg Stacey

“They just won’t leave me alone!”
Greg Stacey


As a gay man who also prefers a bar in Muskoka to Toronto and who also didn’t attend World Pride due to scheduling conflicts (although not addiction related), I say we should give Ford a break. Recovering from any addiction, a mental health issue, is difficult. Harder still is trying to do so when you’re the leader of a city as large as Toronto with as many responsibilities as Ford has err… well had, I suppose.  But, still, it’s summer, it’s hot, he’s still mayor (officially, if not in terms of responsibilities), he’s making public apologies, and he’s fighting an election campaign. Plus, he’s been asked this question for fourteen years, and the answer is always the same.  I know I get tired and lethargic when I’m asked questions about my identity again and again. He was probably just too tired to stand. That is a lot of weight to lift. Forgive me that was insensitive. Let’s give him a bit of a break—okay, well, give him a longer break. Say four years. Starting in October.

The last time rumours of Ford’s homophobia arose were when he announced that he wouldn’t attend the Pride Celebrations.  His issue was with seeing men run around butt naked. Perhaps it’s a good thing he didn’t go to Pride, given how Ford’s sobriety coach kicked a protester who was merely shirtless earlier this week. What would have happened if Ford had encountered a horde of butt naked protesters on the street? Why, they might have tried to turn him into one of them! Imagine a naked Rob Ford, flouncing down Yonge Street as gay as anyone who isn’t a homophobe can possibly be!