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Yesterday, the Ontario Progressive Conservatives announced Jim Wilson as their interim leader, and the guy couldn’t be less excited about the appointment. Wilson, MPP for Simcoe-Grey, told the press that he will be taking on a caretaker role, which means he won’t be making any decisions in terms of policy. He also said that he’d like the leadership convention to take place “sooner rather than later,” so that he can get replaced as leader ASAP.


Let's just get this over withCTV News

Let’s get this over with.
CTV News


Apparently the PC’s got so pooped-on by the Liberals in the last election that being PC leader is as desirable a position as being Rob Ford’s PR guy. Only one person has confirmed their intention so far to run for the PC leadership, and that is no one other than the late Jim Flaherty’s widow, Christine Elliot (I sense a trend). Most politicians wouldn’t touch this party with a ten foot stick. She’s all yours, Christine.

Until then, the interim leader will just have to suck it up and “lead”. Wilson made some important comments about the PC’s slow decline over the last decade or so. He said that by antagonizing unions and by ignoring the caucus the PC’s have dug their own grave. In Wilson’s words, the PC’s have beenattacking people for a decade and in my heart and my caucus colleagues’ heart we not that kind of people . . . we like everybody.”

Wilson insists that the party needs to listen to its members, take the time to heal itself, and find a new strong leader. Jim Wilson knows what is required to lead the PC’s back to greatness; he just has no interest in being the guy to do it.