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Just like the fireside chats with FDR, Denis Coderre, Montreal’s first elected mayor in three mayors (see: corruption) is getting his very own show.


Well, not exactlyBrew Review Crew

Well, not exactly
Brew Review Crew


Tentatively titled “J’ai use question, Monsieur le maire” (I have a question, Mr. Mayor), the French-language show will feature the party-friendly mayor answering candid questions submitted by Quebecers via social media. The 30-minute show will air on the LCN news-station and is booked for one season of 26 episodes, which is 25 episodes longer than Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s TV show lasted.

The show is likely a strategic move from Coderre’s office to develop a personal connection with the residents of Montreal, who after losing two mayors in seven months to corruption, are probably experiencing some serious trust and commitment issues.


Who wouldn’t trust that face?


One faction of the ‘common-man’ who won’t be tuning in to the mayor’s show (well maybe they will, but only to hate on it) are Montreal’s firefighters. After publicly declaring his support for a Provincial bill that would ask municipal employees to help pay for their own pensions, Mayor Coderre had his honorary firefighter status revoked by the president of the Montreal Firefighters Association Ronald Martin in an open letter published Thursday. Coderre, who is known to show up to fires around Montreal in a full body firefighter costume to live-tweet the action, probably shed a couple of tears that day. Mr. Martin wrote in his letter that Mayor Coderre should “stop turning up at scenes of accidents and significant fires,” and should return his fireproof yellow suit and hardhat to the fire department because he is “no longer considered worthy of wearing them.”

Did Denis Coderre just put his hand on the stove? ‘CAUSE HE JUST GOT BURNED!


Denis? You're gonna need to take the hat off, Denis.Denis Coderre

Denis? You’re gonna need to take the hat off, Denis.
Denis Coderre


Bill 2, the legislation in question, is such an important issue to Montreal’s firefighters that earlier this month, eighty firefighters participated in a mass retirement to protest the bill. Come on guys. A little bit dramatic, are we?

It’s unclear if all this hullabaloo will have any real affect on the Liberal government’s decision, but one thing is certain:

It’ll make Denis Coderre’s TV show a lot more interesting.