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Come and see the show!

Come and see the show!


Finally, a feel-good crack-pipe musical the whole family can enjoy!

This Monday, an open casting call will be held at Toronto’s Second City Training Centre for the title role in Rob Ford The Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation. We here at The True North Times were almost surprised that this actually exists, but after remembering the insanity of the last thirteen months, basically nothing surprises us anymore.

The production company responsible for the upcoming musical says that actors coming through to the audition are not required to physically resemble the embattled Toronto mayor, so actors of all races and ethnicities are invited to try out, but after seeing Ford’s uncanny resemblance to Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers series, maybe it’d be worth a try to see if fellow canuck Mike Myers were interested in the role. Rob Ford is the dream role for any comedic actor, right?

After the provincial Liberal sweep of Toronto last Thursday, along with Rob Ford’s declining poll numbers, it’s possible that Mayor Ford might be not be the mayor for so much longer. If that’s the case, maybe our boy Robby might be available for the role. The play is set to premiere before the election, but that hasn’t stopped Rob from doing something crazy in the past. We know he’s got the dance moves and as long as the crack smoke hasn’t damaged his vocal cords too much, we’re confident that there’s nobody more qualified for the job.

Rob Ford The Musical is slated to premiere at Toronto’s Factory Theatre this September, so get excited.