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An incident report from Toronto City Council is showing that Rob Ford spent Easter Monday stumbling around city hall and had a woman sent up to his office who spent about an hour with him before leaving. If this wasn’t released by city hall officials, it would be like Rob Ford is just trying to stay in the news with more scandals.

Security footage from Easter Monday shows Mayor Ford almost falling over as he walked around city hall and barely being able to get into his car. When a woman showed up and asked to see him, Ford told the security guards to let her up. No, that’s not a sexual innuendo, she could have been there for totally innocuous reasons. Get your mind out of the gutter.


Happy easterPunchy

Happy easter


As the media have grabbed hold of this story, the Butthead to Rob Ford’s Beavis has made it infinitely worse. City Councillor Doug Ford has once again felt the need to go on record and defend his rehab-ing brother, and as usual he says things that you just can’t believe. Regarding the woman in his office, Doug said: “His wife knew she was there, I knew she was there… I guess if it was a man no one would be questioning it, so that’s biased right there.” Doug Ford: crusader for equal gender treatment in the media.

He even outright denied that Rob was drunk at all. According to Doug, he just “obviously pulled muscles when he was bench pressing with his legs 1200 pounds” and “had pain streaking up his back.” There is footage of him stumbling around, but clearly he was not drunk. The guy who has admitted to having a drinking problem by going to rehab definitely was not drunk. Oh, Doug. And 1200 pounds seems a bit much to bench.

This Easter Monday incident is only making headlines now because the official incident report was released today, this whole drunken stupor in city hall was before Rob Ford’s decision to check into rehab and check out of city hall. As the ever-articulate Doug Ford said: “I don’t want to dwell on the past. Rob is getting the support that he needs and I’m going to move forward.”