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As if the Ford family needed to add to their laundry list of scandals, an investigation by The Globe and Mail seems to have uncovered some kind of corruption in Toronto City Hall, with our favourite political family at the centre. The Fords reportedly helped printing firm RR Donnelly and Sons lobby the city for contracts, at the same time as the Ford family label printing business was negotiating a deal with RR Donnelly. That does sound fishy.


Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything...CP

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything…


How corrupt-y is this really? It’s not like Rob Ford tried giving contracts to his OWN family business, right? That was what he did in 2011. The only reason this is really a story is because it involves the Fords and we needed to add corruption to the list of scandals, right after drugs, sextopless photos, and being mean to autistic children.

If this were any other mayor in Canada, most people likely wouldn’t even blink. Hazel McCallion has had a slough of scandals, Montreal is rampant with construction contract corruption (with more mayors resigning than I can count), and it doesn’t often make national headlines. This time, though, the incorruptible Rob Ford has been corrupt. And corrupted. Even his knight-in-shining-armour brother Doug was involved in the lobbying. It’s so hard for us all to believe that the Fords would be anything other than upstanding public servants that this headline is rocking the nation.

The real question is whether or not this will affect the Ford More Years mayoral campaign. The real answer is that it totally won’t. If Rob Ford comes back from rehab clean and looking good, no scandal will be able to stop him from reclaiming his rightful place on the disgraced and slightly soggy throne in Toronto City Hall. If anything was going to derail the Ford campaign, it would have been the crack scandal. Or rehab. Or the LeeAnne McRobb potentially maybe sex scandal. Or one of those other videos that was released. But none of those have stopped him from announcing his triumphant Canada Day return, and neither will this.

What’s another scratch on a record that looks like it’s been tap-danced on by tigers?