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It’s that time of year that we all wait for — the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations season lineup. What’s in store for the 2014-2015 season? Stuff. A lot of Peter Mansbridge and stuff.


What’s Been Renewed

Dragon’s Den – Your favourite show about wealthy businesspeople throwing money at strange ideas is back! The show is expected to use the same GarageBand-esque theme song that loops infinitely, but there will be a few noticeable changes this season. Kevin O’Leary, Canada’s foremost angry billionaire and wigless Donald Trump impressionist will no longer be one of the ‘dragon’ investors. Like with most CBC programs, they just picked some dudes who were already on other CBC programs. Budget cuts hurt, ya know?

Heartland – I don’t bloody know. There’s horses. So…more horses.

Mr. D – Quite possibly a good Canadian-made comedy show in a long time. (Hey, Spun Out, you need to get out). Good news all around.

Murdoch Mysteries – This series has grown on me. I may never admit it in public, but it’s a guilty pleasure. Does anyone think Murdoch and Harvey Specter could be related?

Republic of Doyle – I’ve seen about 15 minutes of the show, overall, but I was beyond relieved that it is getting renewed. Then I was thrown into dismay after I found out that this is the final season. Why, Doyle? WHY? I don’t know the next time where going to see law-abiding Newfoundlanders on television.

Rick Mercer Report – Canada’s “pre-eminent political satirist” has been brought back for 3 guaranteed seasons. Are we the Prince Charles to Rick Mercer’s Queen Elizabeth? This is going to take awhile…

22 Minutes – It’s the Rick Mercer Report but not the Rick Mercer Report. Renewed!

Coronation Street – The hell? I thought British TV was a flawless diamond in a sea of shite.

What’s Been Axed

Arctic Air – I’d have something to say, if I knew what the hell this was.

Cracked – Ditto.

Best Recipes Ever – Seriously.

In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita – That’s four in a row that I never heard of.

The Ron James Show – The show has finally been put out of its misery. As one IMDb reviewer put it “watching this show is exactly like watching my grampa try to be funny and failing miserably.”

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight – While not “axed”, it will be winding down before George Stroum…Stromubulo…St — before Strombo leaves to host Hockey Night in Canada on the Rogers network.


What’s New

The Book of Negroes– A star-studded miniseries based on an award-winning novel by Lawrence Hill. It features Cuba Gooding Jr. Yes, please!

Strange Empire – It’s raining men — NOT! A gothic western where all men in a small town have mysteriously vanished is the primary story to this program. Perhaps they all left to watch Hockey Night in Canada on its new network.

Schitt’s Creek – I’ll try and hold onto whatever dignity I have and refuse to make a joke about the title. The show has Eugene Levy, so it can’t be that bad. Described as a single-camera, character driven comedy, Schitt’s Creek is about an affluent family that is forced to live in a depressingly small town after their billionaire fortune suddenly collapses. Yes, it’s a story of a wealthy family who lost everything. They are thrown under one shabby roof, and learn to live with each other in the worst of circumstances. Pretty great idea.

Of All Places – CBC calls it “a quirky, irreverent and affectionate adventure into small-town Canada, and a celebration of the people who proudly choose to call those towns home.” It features Constable George Crabtree from Murdoch Mysteries, so it should be good. What does this mean for Murdoch, though? PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US LIKE DOYLE DID!

There you have it. Despite all the budget cuts, the CBC has proven that it is capable of making stuff.



The logo looks kind of odd now that I've stared at it for so longCBC

The logo looks a tad odd now that I’ve stared at it for so long.