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Welcome to the True North Times’ interpretation of 24/SEVEN: a recap of the past week in the life of the Prime Minister of Canada, and more.



The Prime Minister had his hands full this week with members of the Royal Family coming to visit. He even managed to do other things while they were here!

Prince Charles and Camilla, the two visiting the country, stopped in Winnipeg and were greeted not only by Stephen Harper, but also a by seemingly endless amount of fans. As many as 125 people were on hand for the initial landing of the Royal Family! Here’s a live action shot of a fan when the couple stepped off the plane.

A little dash of meet and greets, followed by a little bit of discussion led the PM to make an inspiring speech. Here’s an excerpt:

“Maybe you’re happy with both feet firmly on the ground. Whatever you do, whatever you dream, I say you should dream big.”

The speech, obviously written by Harper himself, took him a lot of time. Writing the speech was one of the only things on his agenda this week, showing how much he cared to make a difference with it.

Meanwhile, foreign affairs minister John Baird was in Washington to speak to the American Jewish Congress. He also planned to take in a Washington Wizards post-season game. Too bad the Indiana Pacers decided to play basketball and crush the upset.

We caught up with our leader in New Brunswick, where he announced a new plan for conservation. He has decided to take the lead in this initiative, promising to only run his private jet for 20 minutes before taking off, as opposed to 45 minutes.

Jason St. Michael of the Safari Club International of Canada then enlightened us about the re-emergence of turkeys in Ontario, thanks to conservationists like Prime Minister Harper, as well as the hunters and anglers. That’s one battle fought and won!

“Everybody’s talking about the turkeys.”

In the midst of the busiest week in a long time, our Prime Minister still found the time to watch the Habs get dominated at home by the New York Rangers. For his American counterparts, watching the Habs try to compete without their number one goalie must be Price-less (see what I did there?).

Finally, in following a new custom on 24/SEVEN, we discover another one of our PM’s talents. Turns out, he’s a pretty good paper airplane thrower. Who knew?


Here’s what they missed:

According to the National Post, there’s a new book out that says Prime Minister Stephen Harper may have felt the need to resign in 2008 if there had been a police investigation into the alleged bribery of Chuck Cadman.

Other than that, there’s not much going on in the world of Stephen Harper. Never would have guessed.