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15. Prince Charles meets his future royal subjects


Royal tour of Canada

“Yes, hmmm. That’s King Charles to you, milady.”
John Stillwell


14. Prince Charles cupcakes!


Royal tour of Canada

Leftovers from the Romney 2012 campaign.
Chris Jackson



13. Charles and MacKay talk about their future ambitions


Price Charles Camilla Peter MacKay

“Yes, Charles. You’ll be King when I’m Prime Minister.”
Andrew Vaughn



12. Camilla is astounded by a puppet


Prince Charles Camilla

“I thought I was the only puppet here!”
Paul Chiasson



11. Charles and Stevie get high (with a little help from his friends)


The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Canada - Day 4

It’s only downhill from here.
Chris Jackson


10. Charles feeds a polar bear



“The colonies are a strange place…”
Chris Jackson


9. Prince Charles meets whatever the hell this is.


The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Canada - Day 2

John Stillwell



8. Prince Charles embraces his inner beauty


Royal tour of Canada

You’re beautiful, it’s true.
Chris Jackson



7. The Royals are treated with some fruit.




6. The Royals are treated with some fruit.




5. Charles plays whack-a-nazi



Our courageous King.
Chris Jackson



4. Charles turns into a cyborg, ensuring he will have his turn on the British throne


Prince Charles

Robo-Charles just cant wait to be King.
Paul Chiasson



3. Charles is taken on a safari tour of the turbulent Canadian savannah


Mark Shand, Duchess of Cornwall

Don’t startle the beast. Also, be gentle with the fake elephant infront of you.
Ian Nicholson



2. Charles gets a new personal bodyguard


Prince Charles Camilla

That moose was Jean Chrétien’s most trusted advisor.
Paul Chiasson



1. Charles resists temptation


Royal tour of Canada

“Your bust intrigues me, madam.”
John Stillwell