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Justin Trudeau, an amateur boxer working a second job in the House of Commons, uttered a curse word in public.  It’s true!  He actually said it.  He was at a boxing match, and he swore while talking to the crowd about how exciting it is to box.  What an idiot!

Trudeau has a history of swearing.  He did it once back in 1971, coincidentally the same year in which he was born.  Oh, right, that was his dad…it’s easy to confuse them.  Well there was one other time he swore.  In 2011 he called then Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit.” Frankly, Kent was acting like one.  Regardless, Trudeau apologized for using such foul language in Parliament, a place deserving of much better personal conduct.  Unfortunately, he never apologized for the hideous moustache-goatee combo he wore on that particular day.  But that’s entirely another issue.


Justin Trudeau comes from the darkest timeline. He has a goatee and swears during boxing matches.

Justin Trudeau comes from the darkest timeline. He has a goatee and swears during boxing matches.
Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press


After taking heavy fire over the last few months and losing one of its finest soldiers this week, the PMO was quick to pick up on Trudeau’s misstep.  “This is yet another example of Trudeau’s lack of judgment”, the PMO said, implicitly adding that Trudeau is in over or under some part of his body.  Forgive the lack of attention to detail here– the Conservative script is old and tired.  Script fatigue aside, the PMO is a good judge of character.  It knew, for example, that Nigel Wright was a bad apple, so it encouraged him to resign.  Or it fired him.  Or maybe he never worked for the PMO?  It depends on whom you ask.  Anyway, the point is that the PMO is a good judge of character.  Need proof?  It’s been saying for years that Justin Trudeau is a bad man, and now he swore in public.  There you go.

Obviously, we should all care a lot about Justin using a single swear word in a boxing ring.  It makes perfect sense that this story attracted 3,800 comments on (it had 3,800 when I wrote this, so unless they close commenting, I assume there will be more by the time you read it).  It is way more interesting and important than, say, the Parti Quebecois declaring that it would use the notwithstanding clause of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms to pass its Charter of Values if it was challenged by the Supreme Court of Canada.  That story only got about ~ 1,000 comments.  It’s also more important than the UN report on climate change, which only received ~2,000 comments.  What’s clear from this comparison is that Canadians have their priorities straight.

Sure, we’ve suffered through scandal after scandal at federal, provincial, and local levels of government.  We’ve tried our best to ignore the world of politics for as long as we could, propping up the cloak of apathy with every broken hockey stick and shred of duct tape we can find.  But sometimes a story comes along that demands our attention.  Sometimes Justin Trudeau swears and we all let out a little sigh.  He is the popular boy, so we can’t help but pay attention to whatever he’s doing, even if it’s actually boring and inconsequential.