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Welcome to the True North Times’ interpretation of 24/SEVEN: a recap of the past week in the life of the Prime Minister of Canada, and more.

I swear, each week the producers over at 24SEVEN insist on changing the format of the show. All of a sudden, there’s now a preview of the events right at the beginning of the episode, giving you just a taste of the action that took place during the week.

Again, our leader skipped out on whatever Thursday had in store for him, presumably to catch up on The Vampire Diaries, because he missed last week’s episode and Elena and Damon like totally broke up. That’s crazy.

But, Friday, he was back at it in a big way, by sitting on a plane and heading over to the Netherlands. He then travelled to Kiev Saturday morning, where he met with the interim government while shaking hands and taking awkward photos with them.

He also laid flowers on the monument representing those that died during protests and combats defending Ukraine’s freedom, which is awesome and also important. Go Stephen Harper.

Sunday, he was back in the Netherlands (somehow teleported or something, not sure) and he met with the Prime Minister of the nation. He also toured the port of Rotterdam, where he did Prime Minister stuff.

It seemed that Harper saved all of his energy for Monday, though. He had a busy day, as he sat in on a Q&A about trade (again) and also went to a nuclear security summit, AND THEN he went to a G7 meeting with all the other leaders of their respective countries (not you, Russia.)

He also spoke to reporters, and told them that all the G7 leaders were in agreement that the situation with Ukraine is “an extreme violation of international law.” Only Stephen Harper can make the word extreme sound boring.

Tuesday saw another nuclear security meeting, like the actual one this time. He then held a press conference, where he ACTUALLY SHOWED A LITTLE BIT OF PASSION. Seriously guys. It’s not much, but it’s still pretty crazy. Watch the video, it’s about 2:13 in. It’s kind of like seeing a shooting star. You can’t prepare for it, but when it happens you’re amazed for like, 35 seconds.

While he was out on business, the Northwest Territories gained full control over their natural resources, so that was cool and worth mentioning in the video.

And Wednesday, we saw our PM end up in Munich, where he met with important people and did equally as important things. He toured an aero engines facility, and ate lunch. At night, he went to Berlin to test the nightlife there.

Then, in typical cinematic fashion, they left us hanging, planning on filling us in next week about his escapades in Germany.


Here’s what they missed:

Here’s an article from the National Post actually talking about 24SEVEN, and how it seems to be causing more work and trouble than it’s doing good. Please, let it stay on the air. It’s so much fun to write about each week.

Another from the National Post that talks a bit about everything (it’s sort of letters to the editor) but one specifically caught my eye. With the sanctions recently posted on Russia, the writer argues that it’s going to drive Russia to war. They suggest that sanctions aren’t really having much effect on the Russians, who have ample supplies to go around. It doesn’t matter much.

That same article also had spoken about how Canada’s military might is both insignificant and irrelevant, hence making Canada’s support to the Ukraine relatively useless. A couple of really good points there.

Finally, on a lighter note, here’s an article that contains two great things: the Prime Minister looking awkward in a cowboy hat, and a video of Rob Anders falling asleep in the Commons.